Using your dori insert pages: ideas and a video!

Have you been looking for ideas to use all the pages of your dori booklet? I have been, but I have finally decided on the things I want to keep in my pages that will help me be more productive and at the same time create a little memory capsule of the month. I thought about the things I would enjoy looking back on and I am going to give you a peek into my insert. I am using the standard size dori insert and this set up is from the March 2020 Orchard Path collection. Click here if you would like to shop the collection. As you can see from the photo above, I love to decorate the cover of the insert with some pattern paper and various bits from the kits.  It serves as a gorgeous memory in a small book this way.

The first thing I include each month is a printout of the current planner challenge.  I love to have it on the inside cover of my dori book so it is really easy for me to reference. I use the small month at a glance calendar to keep track of holidays and my design team commitments and of course, all the dates of the upcoming Cocoa Daisy reveals!

Next, I like to add my goals for the month. For March I have included some spring cleaning and organization that I want to get done; it’s that time of year! The banner stickers that came with the collection this month are so perfect to create a header on the page. I used some of the washi strips to split the right side of the page in half. I think it looks nice with a little something to ground the tab stickers on the page rather than just floating out there by themselves.

Now, we are getting into the planner pages. There are two sets of these pages within the booklet and I use the front set of pages with the grid background to do my weekly planning. I also receive the A5 rings kit and I pull the Mon-Sun striped pages and cut them down to create a flap on the edge of each weekly layout.  This extends the space I have to write things and adds a beautiful colorful element.  When I fold over this flap, I have a place with plenty of blank space to keep my to-do list for the week. I can’t even tell you how helpful it is to have it be the first thing I see when turning to my week. You can see in my video below more about how it looks.

I have been dividing the three sections on the left side in half and then leaving the right side as full sections. As you can see I am able to have my Mon-Fri days on the left and I now have larger sections for Sat & Sun and a blank section for notes. Since my days tend to be busiest on the weekends, this has really worked out nicely for me.

My “Currently” pages come next. I decided this would be a fun way to create a memory of what I was enjoying during the month and I love creating and reviewing this spread.  I’ll add to it throughout the month as I add more books, music, or podcasts. I used the letter stickers from the current kit and found some coordinating ones in my stash from older kits that I was able to use.

The “In The News” page was one I added last month and I really love how it turned out. Again, it is a way to create a memory of what was going on during the month, not just with me, but in the world. Any major news stories or current events will get placed on this page. In my video (linked below), I show how my February page came out. It’s kind of a bullet journal style, but you could make it into a simple list or just short paragraphs.

The second half of my booklet has more pages that could be used for planning, but I decided to dedicate them to gratitude. It is something I incorporated into my life in the last several months and it really has made a difference in my overall positive outlook on life. There are a lot of studies that show how gratitude practice can retrain your brain in a positive way. I encourage everyone to give it a try! I used the date and day stickers to mark the boxes and make it a habit to jot down something, or a few things I am grateful for each day. These can be as simple as you want. Some days I am just grateful for my morning coffee! I also jot down a bit about the day and why I am grateful. I love reading these back, especially on days when I am having a tough time or things just don’t seem to be going my way.

My last pages are simply a to-do list in a brain dump style. If I think of something, I put it here and then I can move it to an appropriate day or even a future month.  You know when you have an idea to get something done and then you forget about it?  Well, this page helps me remember those things. There is one final page at the end of the booklet that I have designated for notes. It can be a brain dump or a place to jot things down that don’t have a specific spot in your planner. This takes me to the end of my dori booklet, it is really nice using all the pages in a variety of ways to keep my life not only organized, but also recorded for the future.

YouTube Video of dori booklet set-up

I hope you found some inspiration today and I appreciate you taking the time to read my post. Please leave any comments or questions you may have and I will do my best to help you!

Happy Planning!

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