Personal Rings Set Up with Orchard Path & Video

Hi Daisies!

This month is a gorgeous set up using Cocoa Daisy’s Orchard Path which just screams spring! The floral is full of soft peaches and greens with hints of greys and blues! I was originally going to use my Sweet Peach Foxy Fix but I was elated to see that my Vintage Thicket was a great match! The Irish in me wants to celebrate St. Patty’s Day all month long!

Although I do enjoy using a B6 traveler’s notebook and use it for many other things, I am thrilled to be back in rings for my Cocoa Daisy set up! I do find that this is the easiest set up for me and I love making pretty dashboards. Decorating them the month before is very therapeutic for the artist in me. I go over in my video the different ways that I embellished each of the dashboards.

I start my planner with the March calendar, and with an inspirational quote – you need to start each month off right! The quote is matted on the included patterned paper and a washi ruffle, I may go back and add a few enamel dots. This quote card was included in the Planner Add-On Kit

I used the 4″x6″ quote card trimmed to 3.75″ to fit in my planner with a top tab for my March goals. The goals will be listed on the reverse on the lined paper. The card can be found in the Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit. 

The next section is for my gratitude. I used the gorgeous overlay sheet in the Planner Classified Edition as a divider.

This dashboard is from the Planner Dashboard Kit and I am using it to separate my Daily To Do section. I matted it with the peach patterned paper from the Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit and used pop dots to raise a floral die cut to make a simple but pretty dashboard!

I have not added anything yet to the 32 double sided daily to do pages but I have dated them and added the Cocoa Daisy exclusive sheet of index stickers by Jaimee on each Monday so I can easily flip to the beginning of each week. Both of these can be found in the Orchard Path Personal Day Planner Kit, Ring Bound (March 2020).

This next section is my weekly schedule. I used another Planner Dashboard Kit and matted it with the coordinating patterned paper and divider with “weekly” written in.

I love to lay out the stickers for the whole month, leaving enough space to write and add more as necessary. This way I don’t have to worry if I do not have enough time to date and lay everything out each week. I just go straight to planning! The stickers I use to plan are from the following kits, Orchard Path Personal Day Planner Kit, Ring Bound (March 2020), Orchard Path Planner Add On (March 2020), and Orchard Path Classic Sticker Kit (March 2020)

This section is for my Month at a Glance (a years worth). I used another dashboard and matted it with a coordinating patterned paper and used this gorgeous adhesive embroidered patch from the Orchard Path Planner Add On (March 2020).

This last section in my planner is for notes and has lined note paper to make note taking easy. I made a double sided dashboard using patterned paper, the included washi tape and a 3″x4″ pocket card. You can find them here Orchard Path Personal Day Planner Kit, Memory Keeping: Pocket Kitand the stripe washi tape is from the Orchard Path Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit (March 2020)

For a walk through of my planner and more details you can see my YouTube video here:

I hope this gives you planner inspiration! Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them for you.

You can also find me on Instagram.

Until next time!
Cheryl Reiter


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