Diagonal Design Ideas

Hello Cocoa Daisy friends,

Design team members Traci and Kristine are sharing diagonal design ideas today. Let’s jump in with Kristine’s Happy Planner layout. She is using the Love Notes washi tapes in a unique way!

“I love making washi dashboards, and I normally do those in my planner. But I wanted to find a way to incorporate the idea into my memory planner, and hit upon this idea of doing washi blocks.”

“Each day in my memory planner has three blocks, one of which I always use for decoration, and they’re usually different.”

“On this spread, my washi blocks are the decoration for every day, and since they’re so bold, my plan was to keep my photos and journaling light and clean.”

“The washi pops, which is exactly what I hoped for!”

Kristine’s diagonal washi taped blocks are very cool! We love the contrast they add to the journaling and photos in her design. How are you using the washi tape from your kits?

Next we have Traci’s Traveler’s Notebook design idea featuring the Love Notes kits..

“Diagonals are my FAVORITE design element to use, especially in my TN! They’re perfect for leading the eye in the direction you want to go.”

“With this spread, I realized that my eyes are looking from right to left, the opposite of how we usually view things, so I went with the flow and used a diagonal for my design going from the top right corner to the bottom left corner.”

“By making my design descend this way, it helps the viewer fight against their natural left-to-right orientation because they automatically focus on the topmost photo.”

Traci knows how to draw our eyes across her designs. And what a great tip for going against the flow! We hope your are inspired to document a story on the diagonal with your kits. Please share with us in the Memory Keeping Facebook group or by tagging us (@cocoa_daisy) on social media. We look forward to seeing what you create!



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