A New Year with Cocoa Daisy

Hi lovely people!

It’s Rachel here, and I’m excited to share my January planner and journal set up with you! I’m using a personal Filofax Malden in Iris alongside my usual Erin Condren hourly.

As usual, I’ve made a sticker folder from one of the planner kit papers – I love making these each month to use alongside my planner! I added a pocket card on the front plus some die cuts, and used one of the other papers to create the pockets inside. If you’d like to see how I make these, I have a video over on my YouTube channel here.



I’ve made my Malden into quite a chunky monkey this month, by using some Foxy Fix ring converters to add two personal size books at the front and the back. This means that I don’t need to use a separate traveler’s notebook – thereby simplifying the number of planners/ journals I’m using without compromising on what I can fit in….in theory! 

I can also easily remove the personal dori booklet to write in it if I want to. I think that by having it as part of my planner it will remind me to write in it more regularly rather than catching up a week at a time.

Inside the front cover of the dori, I created a slip pocket to keep loose papers, memorabilia etc in. It also houses this little booklet which I made from several pocket cards washi taped together. I’m going to write my word of the year and key goals in here, then I can easily move it into the next month’s dori.

Isn’t it cute?!

At the back of my Malden, I have some pages from the notepad in the planner kit, and another ring converter to house the Daisy Weeks booklet. This book covers one quarter of the year, and has pages for the month followed by the weeks. It is a very open layout, and I’ve decided to use it for scheduling recurring work tasks and planning out my work load and schedule.

With that use in mind, I’ve left out Saturday and Sunday from the monthly and the weekly view, which gives me more space for other notes and ideas!


Once again, I created a page marker which sits over the daily planning page – I loved this in December, and it makes it very easy to quickly flip to the day’s page. I used some of the stickers from the Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit, plus a few die cuts as well.

If you’d like to see more of my planner set up, please take a look at my YouTube channel and subscribe – there’s lots of content on there, and a full flipthrough of this planner will be published too!

Until next time lovely people, enjoy your planning!

Rachel xxx

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