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Hey, Daisies!  It’s Kristine again, and today I have a plan with me video for you using the leaf stamps in the Memphis Season kits.  I’ve been stickering up (yep, that’s totally a word!) my planner a lot lately and thought it would be fun to do another stamping layout.  Stamping is fun, it’s easy, and it doesn’t add any much bulk to my planner like stickers do, haha, so I like to mix it up from time to time.  And this week was one of those times!

My planner pages are divided into 4 sections on each page, and each section has an open header at the top.  I thought this would be the perfect place for a pattern, so I used the small leaf pattern stamp from the TN Memory Keeping kit to fill in those headers.  I used washi tape to section the headers off so I wouldn’t get ink where I didn’t want it, and it worked perfectly!  I initially stamped the rose color, and then decided to add a second layer in gold – since it’s so pale, the pink is still clearly visible, so the pattern isn’t muddled, but the second color adds a bit of dimension and depth that I love.  From different angles, the two together almost look peachy-orange, which was a fun surprise that I didn’t expect but totally love!

To keep it simple and not take away from the beauty of those layered stamps, I used number stamps from the 2018 December kits to stamp the date on the right side of each header, and I hand wrote the days underneath the headers using the pen from the Day Planner kit.

At the bottom of each of those sections, I wanted something as an accent that was different from what I’d done in the headers, but not so different that the pattern would distract. So I used the large leaf stamp from the Pocket Memory Keeping kit to create a bottom border. Again, I used both the rose and gold colors so that the page wouldn’t have too much going on visually, and I think it works nicely as an accent to the headers.  Here is a better shot of those bottom stamps:

Since there are 8 sections on the two pages but only 7 days in the week, the extra section was a good place to add the word stamps from the Pocket Memory Keeping kit in the very first box on the spread:

I very deliberately kept the dates, days, and words all the same color, black, so as to keep the whole spread as cohesive and visually serene as possible.  I love the different fonts in the word stamps and how they remind me of all the great things about November every time I open this spread.

Simple check boxes stamped in each section give me places to write my to-do’s each day, and here is the final result – I love how it turned out!

If you’d like to watch my masking method to see how I was able to get those headers patterned so nicely, here is a short video showing the whole thing coming together:


Thanks so much for reading (and watching!) today, and I can’t wait to see you again next time.  Happy planning!

xoxo Kristine

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