November Planner Set Up

Hi everyone! I’m excited to share my November planner set up with you today. Memphis Season is an
amazing celebration of colors and designs. I was so excited to move into my beautiful new planner personal rings planner!
So, I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I started my set up, I goofed. I punched my dashboards and inserts
totally WRONG. The holes were misaligned and some were on the wrong side. (Proves that I need to stay
far away from anything creative when I’m exhausted!) Anyway, I got a good night’s sleep and then made
lemonade from lemons! I used washi tape, strips of patterned paper and some creative cutting of my
Dori pages to come up with a set up that I love. Let’s take a look!
Here’s a peek at my dashboard and front pocket. I love to tuck cards, tags and clips into it. I tied a rust
colored ribbon around my dashboard. I did this last month and really like how it looked all month. I tucked some of the vellum leaves and puffy stickers so that they would peak out of the ribbon. This view gives you a good look at my beautiful planner charms, as well. I just love how all of these colors
work together! As you will see, I added trim to all of my dashboards. I collect vintage trims and love
sorting through them to find matches. Here I used the teal ric rac.
My first section is my monthly calendar section. I added a tab to this tabbed dashboard, along with the white
pom pom trim. Here, you can see how I added the strip of chevron patterned paper and repunched the
holes that I had messed up!
On the back of the dashboard, I added a sticker and some stickers. I placed this next page in here to list
my goals. The teal letter stickers made the perfect title. I listed a few of my goals on this page and may
add a couple of more before the month starts.
The next page may be my favorite! It’s my handsome son. I wanted to keep him with me at all times and I
love this photo of him, so I thought it would be perfect here.
Here’s my November calendar. It’s pretty bare right now. I added a few stickers and listed some
appointments. I’m sure it will fill up as we go along. I placed the leaf washi along the edges where the
punched holes were. You can still see them a bit, but oh well, planning isn’t perfect, right? I had to add
one of the cute Simons on this page!
My next section is for my weekly inserts. I love this dashboard. Once again, I added the paper strip so I
could repunch the holes. The cork phrase was a nice touch, along with my vintage, green velvet trim.
My weekly inserts couldn’t be salvaged, since most were punched through the day of the week. So, I
decided to take apart my Dori and trim the pages to size. I haven’t started decorating them yet, since I do
them a week at a time. But, I picked my favorite pages and will have fun stamping the dates and adding
the day of the week stickers. I also love that each week will be different.
Next up is my tracker section. I love this rust colored trim. It covers my tab a bit, but it still works for me.
I added a few of the puffy stickers on this one. I love that I can personalize my dashboards if I want to, or
use them right out of the box!
Here are my two trackers. So far, I’m a tracker failure. So this month, I’m trying to keep it simple. I used
the hydrate stickers for my water intake. And I printed the tree tracker to document my face washing
habits. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be filled up by December 1!
This next dash was the perfect one for my gratitude section. I simply added some trim, and of course the
paper strip. It looks simple, but so pretty!
I used some of my messed up weekly inserts for these pages. I glued the weekly sides together and
added date stickers to the blank sides. They turned out great!
Next up is my mean planning section. I LOVE this paper and thought the vintage pink trim looked perfect
on it.
Here are my weekly menu planning pages. Planning is a loose term, because what I do is choose a couple
of must make meals and list them on the left/blank side. Then, I record what I actually ate each day, on
the right. These inserts were ones that I REALLY messed up. I mispunched them on BOTH sides. The days of the week
labels were ruined. So, I trimmed them down and added a wider strip of patterned paper to the left side,
letting some hang off. This made them the correct width again. Then, I used the teal stickers to list the
days! Voila!
Finally, I created this page to hold my notepad. I always like to have one with me. I used cardstock
packaging from the product that arrived with the kit. I trimmed it to page size. Then, I trimmed another piece just slightly larger than the
notepad. I adhered this piece to the page using the leaf washi and slid the back of the notepad in.
Behind it, you can see the tag from the Autumn Whimsy kit on which I added the pen holder. I just
moved it over from my October planner.
So, as you can see, what could have been a disaster turned out fine. I really love how I had to think
outside the box to fix my hole punching errors, but am so happy with the results. I can’t wait to move
into my November planner.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
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