Creating a Sticker Folio

Hi everyone. It’s Anabelle and I’m here to share how I have been keeping my stickers organized. The August kit had an adorable sticker book. I decided to use it to hold my stamps. Since that left me without a sticker organizer, I decided to create my own. It has been working wonderfully and is portable, so I thought I’d share it with you. Here’s how my September one turned out.

This was so easy to make. I used two of the folded papers that came with the Planner Kit. One is the actual folio. The other creates the pockets. First I decided which one would be the folio. I am in love with this floral paper and knew I wanted to use it. I took the second paper, and keeping it closed, trimmed the open edge and made it 6 inches wide. Then, I cut it down to 4 inches, creating a 4 by 6 inch pocket. I stitched along three sides and used a circle punch to create a little tab opening at the top. I adhered it to the left inside part of the folio, near the bottom. This pocket will hold the larger sticker sheets

I took the remaining piece of folded paper and trimmed it to 3 inches, making a 3 by 4 inch pocket. Once again, I stitched around three sides and punched the tab. This pocket is adhered to the right inside part of the folio and holds the smaller sticker sheets.

Here’s how it looks when everything has been placed inside.

I then selected a piece of coordinating ribbon from my stash and tied it around the folio, making a bow in the back. I added a planner swag and/or charm and am good to go. Now when I need a sticker, I just slide the band off and they are all there. I have a small tote that I carry my planners in and the folio fits perfectly inside. Once I am done with the kit, I’ll store the folios in a basket and will always be able to find coordinating stickers for my projects.

Here is how this month’s folio looks alongside the one I made for my August kit. I have already received October’s kit, so I have that one ready to go, too!

Creating sticker folios is so easy! Not only do I have a functional organizer, but they look really pretty too. Definitely give one a try. I can’t wait to see what you create!

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