September Setup and Plan with Me


Hey Planner Friends! It’s Rachel here, and I am on the blog today sharing my September Setup and Plan with Me in my Hobonichi Weeks Planner that I use as my “On the Go” planner and a wallet. To say that I was excited about this month’s kits is an understatement! The colors, the theme, the snark! And the cherry on top? A new amazing sticker kit! To celebrate the release of the Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit, I decided to set up a Hobonichi Weeks Planner. But there was one catch. When I began setting up this planner (literally, the day I received my kit goodies, haha!) I did not have a hobonichi weeks planner in my possession. So I thought, not a problem, I will make one!

I decided to trim down my standard daisy dori insert to Hobonichi Weeks size ( roughly 3.75”× 7.4”) so that I could try out the size with the stickers. You can see my explanation of how I did this here. Trimming does mean losing a few of the decorative elements on the insert pages, but I can always just add those elements back in as die cuts (trimmed down from the paper scraps). And with the monthly printables, I have plenty of cute birds, mugs and books and sentiments to choose from!

As luck would have it, I was gifted a Hobonichi Weeks Planner from a new planner friend who was just not liking the layout. Hooray! So what to do this “Dori Weeks” insert – turn it into a daily insert! I didn’t want to use my notes pages in my Hobonichi Weeks planner for daily pages, so this worked out perfectly! I was definitely inspired by Jennifer to set it up this way (see her Daily insert flip here!) Check back on my instagram later this month to see a flip through of the completed daily pages. Side-note: how cute is this “But First, Coffee” Dashboard with the “Daily To-Do list” sticker and tab for my page marker in this insert? I love it!

I don’t know why I do this, but I sometimes “hoard” the Dashboards and do not actually use them in my setups! Not this month! I used all the dashboards, including using several dashboards as sticker folders. The Daisy Weeks Stickers fit perfectly inside two personal size dashboards, and allow me to admire all the cuteness of this dashboard every time I reach for my stickers.

To increase the storage possibilities, I added a photo flip clear pocket and stuck a few sheets of the notepad and a washi card inside. The whole thing tucks perfectly between my two inserts.

On to the main event! Here is my September monthly spread using decorations from the Planner Kit, Sticker Kit and Planner Add-On Kit.The Owl in the Coffee Cup just make me laugh! His facial expression is exactly how I feel in the morning (before coffee, of course!)

And onto this week! I absolutely love how this turned out, all thanks to the super FUNctional decoration! I focused on using items for the new Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit.

This week, I have the pleasure of heading to New Orleans with my sister-in-law and her daughters. To commemorate this, I added a bird for each of us (and our personalities!) at the bottom of the page, Makes me smile every time I see it! Though this planner is small, it has the perfect layout to mark down the most important things I need to keep track of throughout the week. A few bills, a few to-dos, a few habits to track; that is about as much as I need to have on my mind and in my planner when I’m running around.

And my “On the Go” Planner wouldn’t be complete without the runnin grocery list. At this point, I’ve got my grocery list down to a (very simple) science. I walk about 1 mile (round trip) to the grocery store, I can only carry so much. Four items per section of the grocery store works just fine for me!

I hope you enjoyed this September setup and plan with me. Make sure to check out my YouTube Video to see my process of planning this week. Until next time!


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