Farmer’s Market

Food and eating enables us to stay connected with the ones we love. Families and friends often use meal time to talk about their days, weeks, life in general or current affairs — allowing bonding to take place over the food. So how wonderful it is that this month’s kit is about food and the goodness of food.

First, let’s look into this amazing layout by Moon. She says, “What a co-incidence! It is Farmer’s Market theme and I happen to have the perfect photos to match with it! We just came back from my hubby’s hometown, and these photos of me and the giant “Petai” peas were taken at a morning market. Yummy stuffs! The patterned paper looks just like the screw pine leaf mat often seen in South East Asia. By overlaying the fruits and vegetables on top of the patterned paper, it looks just like a scence we can see at a local Malaysian market.”

Now let’s take a look at Ria’s beautiful layout.

She writes, “Food has always been one of my favorite things to document. It can be tough though to spend time taking the ‘perfect’ photo when everyone else wants to dig in, hehehe. 🙂 I created this layout to document the time I joined a food crawl. I picked a yellow + black + grey color combo that I felt would best match my photo. I embellished this layout with the beautiful foam word sticker and the hexagon stickers. The food themed stamp sets were my favorite from the Farmer’s Market kit. I used them on the tab and label in this layout.”

Here’s a close up of one of the foam word stickers:

I love food — especially anything fresh and healthy. I recently came across some organic blue corn taco shells and wanted to try them so we decided on a Taco Tuesday night right here at home. I loved how they turned out and they looked and tasted delicious! I created this layout by using lots of red to bring out the red in the die cuts and from the tomatoes in the photo. I used the red gingham pattern paper on one side and the beautiful menu pattern paper on the other. I picked out some label stickers and put one right above the other to create this simple and easy layout on the left and adhered the photo right in the middle of the paper on the right.



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