Pocket Letters on the Grid

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Pocket letters and grid designs go hand in hand and we wanted to share a traditional design with pockets as well as how you can create a letter without pockets using a grid design. We begin with design team member Evy and her very first pocket letter — ever! It’s filled with little details like the sequins, clip and acetate, which add another level of adorableness to Evy’s design.

Evy says, “I have always looked with admiration at the pictures of pocket letters, so much creativity in such small spaces. Since my guiding word for 2019 is “Do”, I wanted to try and create one with this month’s kit.”

“Well I didn’t think it was so funny! I didn’t think of anything else while I worked and above all I didn’t stress, I didn’t even have to think about a specific theme because the kit already has it!

Another thing I liked was having used so much material: I cut patterned paper but also pocket kit cards for backgrounds, applied rub-ons (both on paper and plastic), added diecuts and stickers.”

In short, it’s a super fun way to use the cuttings left over from other projects (in my case the acetate sheet) and not leave material in the drawer. Now I just need a pen friend and I’m ready for more pocket letters!”

Hey Evy, I think I can help with the pen friend, please pick me!!!

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a non-pocket — Pocket Letter and so I am going out on a limb here with this grid idea. And that’s the whole point, YOU are in charge of what you want to create and there are no limits! I chose this format because it’s prefect for framing.

My design includes items from the South Beach planner kit as well as the cork phrases and die cut from the memory keeping kits.

I added hand stitching in a grid pattern and a little cut file by Page Evans. The planner papers and white cardstock I chose were used to create a layered background.

This was a lot of fun to create and I hope my bestie will remember that we always find a way to keep the joy in our lives through hard times with our beach hiking adventures. And I hope she will be reminded how much I love and appreciate her friendship.

Evy and I hope that we have inspired you to mix things up with you planner and memory keeping kit items as well as to try something non traditional with your stash. Thank you for stopping by!


Robin & Evy

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