June Setup and Plan with Me!

Hey Planner friends! Rachel here, and I am back to share my June planner setup and a plan with me for next week! This month, I am using a standard dori insert inside the adorable Yellow Polka Dot Travelers Notebook Cover! When I saw this month’s kit, I knew that this cover would be perfect to house my planner for the month.

June is a busy, (but exciting!) month for us. We are getting ready to move, which means finding a new place, selling our current place, cleaning out and packing our home. We are also squeezing in a trip to France at the end of the month. My husband has a work trip, so we are making the most of it! With so much going on, I need my planner this month to act as my portable “Brain” while also being a place to get creative to reduce my inevitable stress (I’m good at worrying, get that from my mom!)

My pockets are filled with fun and function. I have the sticky notes front and center, as I know I will be needing these a lot to write quick notes and reminders. I also made a little washi card from one of the packaging cards so that I always have a way to stick things inside my inserts when I am out and about. The smaller stickers are tucked inside the large pocket for easy use and quick decorating on the fly. I like to plan anywhere and everywhere, so I usually have stickers inside my planner for quick access.

The first two pages of my standard dori are reserved for the lists and to-do’s I need to keep track off. One page is for items related to where we are moving to, and one page is for items related to our current home.

To keep track of the week, I made a page marker with the acetate, die cut tab, and the yellow pom pom fringe from the Classified kit. I love seeing the little pom pom fringe peaking out of my insert!

For June, I’m returning to a favorite weekly layout – the Dutch door! I have the full week at the top of the page and daily pages at the bottom. I go into more detail about this in my video, so make sure to check it out!

With no meetings and work deadlines anymore, my day to day schedule looks a little different and it has taken some time adjusting the way I plan to fit my current needs. And you know what? That is ok! A planner is only working if it is helping you take care of your life, whatever season of life you are in. So if the season changes, your planner should adjust with you.

To set up the week, I used the number stickers from the Add-on kit and a stamp set from Elizabeth Craft Designs. For the Dutch Door Section, I decided to have a “This Week” section to mark down my cleaning out plan and the big things that need my attention. I love interactive elements, so I added the cheeky pocket card because, well, it is just cute! I love that I will get to see it all week, and I can move it if I want to.

These daily pages look a little blank right now, but don’t worry – they will fill up! Besides appointments and to-do’s, I also like to add a memory from each day, This helps stop the “blur” and reminds me of all the good stuff that is happening amidst this transition. I use the heart sticker to make space for these daily “happy notes”.

One of the great benefits of daily planning pages is the extra opportunity to use all the yummy goodies from this month’s kits. I used several box stickers from the sticker kit and I have no remorse. It brings such a feeling of satisfaction when I have empty sticker sheets at the end of the month – the stickers are meant to be used and enjoyed!

When I saw the sunglasses die cut from the Add-on kit, I knew exactly what I would use them for! There will not be much else going on this day, so a big, beautiful cluster to mark the event felt good to me! Is your weekend sticker too long? Trim it! I cut mine and placed it in the middle of the two days and I love how it turned out.

I hope you enjoyed this peak inside my June Planner setup. Make sure to hop over to my YouTube Channel to see a full flip through and watch this weekly spread come together. Until next time!

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