Sunshine and Blue Skies – June Setup!

Happy Summer Daisies! Once again, I’m back saying what I say every month – I can’t believe I’m already here sharing a new month’s setup with you all! Can you believe we are approaching the halfway point of 2019? That’s unreal to me!

For the summer months, I decided to switch up my planner size, planner type, planner layout – basically everything you all have known about my planning system for the last year! I’m actually hoping that this becomes so efficient for me that I’m able to stick with it once school starts back in the fall. I have been struggling a little lately about what is most effective for me. After a lifetime of planning, and years of planning in the same size and layout, my life has changed, and therefore my planning needs have changed. I still don’t know if I’ve settled on what will work for me long term, but the beauty of planning is that I can change it to fit my needs whenever I need to!

I have decided to try an a6 TN. I have always loved TNs, but I’ve always struggled with how to fit all the information into a TN that I could into rings – and I felt like it was outrageous to put an entire insert into a TN for just one or two pages of use. I kept thinking, “I have about a dozen sections in my planner, how can I downsize that to four or five inserts?” Then my fellow Design Team member Kristine ()(@TeachPlanCraft) switched to a Standard TN and talked about how she used one insert for several different pieces of information, and it was like a light went off in my head! I didn’t need an insert for every piece of information I wanted to carry. That’s the beauty of rings, but a TN forces you to be a bit more creative and to think outside the box (or insert, if you will). So that’s what I did. I combined inserts and what they’re used for, and I slimmed down and streamlined my setup, and I couldn’t be happier. And the icing on the cake is that decorating a TN is SO MUCH FUN! You can put clear dashboards around the inserts and fill them with all those gorgeous Cocoa Daisy papers and cards, and that’s exactly what I did. My entire June setup is full of blue and yellow and green and orange, and it just screams SUMMER to me. I am so excited about it!

I linked my video below – bear with me, because I do a flip through showing my setup, but I also talked for a few minutes about how I changed everything around and my desire to be more efficient in my planning. I hope you like it! And, as always, leave me comments with any questions or suggestions you have!



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    Your planner is lovely! I can’t believe how chunky it is. 🤣 I’m not a string gal, but you gave me some great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing. 💖

    • jennbailey0706

      Thank you so much Carolyn!! It’s hilarious how fast it chunks up, isn’t it?! But I do love a chunky planner, so it makes me happy!!

  2. salamarinita

    Your set-up gives me ideas on how to be more efficient too! I use a few planners but I feel like I’m doing more documenting than keeping up with my to-do’s. Thanks for your thoughts and tips!

    • jennbailey0706

      Thank you so much! I have been through that too, and have recently been on a mission to make mine more and more functional – and making it pretty with Cocoa Daisy!


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