DIY Paper Clip Project

Hi everyone!  Here’s a little DIY Paper Clip Project you can try using your scraps and ephemera from your planner kits.  All you need is some glue and paperclips.

You may use any paper clip but I prefer to use the bigger ones for ease.  Here’s the first one.   All it takes is picking out a piece of scrap paper, gluing it together and layering it on with stickers and ephemera.  You can check out the process video for this here.

Here’s another one with a process video here.  For this paper clip, I actually used the lovely packaging paper from the kit.  This project is a good way to use up your scraps and your stickers.

I love monochromatic designs just like in this next clip that I made.

This next clip is also monochromatic but I added in a pink flower for contrast.

Making your own DIY clips is a way to make your planners unique and beautiful. 


Hope you try to make one today.  Thank you for passing by,


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