3 Easy DIY Pockets For Your Simple Dori

Hi everyone!  I’m so obsessed with using pockets in my traveler’s notebook lately so today, I’m sharing with you 3 simple DIY pocket ideas you can use in your Simple Dori.

1. Create a pocket using cardstock.   I have my eye on the WRMK pocket puncher but while I was saving up for it, I learned how to DIY my own.  Here’s the first one I made using pieces from the Fresh Cut Memory keeping kits.  My Simple Dori’s theme for this month is Self Care. Reading makes me feel relaxed and it can actually take me and my imagination to places far away without me leaving my seat.  I made this layout to celebrate my love for reading and it’s inspired by the Borrower’s card and pocket.  I made this pocket by myself and a link to the video of how I made it is here.

2. Create a hidden pocket.  This is so easy.  For this layout, I trimmed a piece of cardstock to match the exact size of the right panel of the Simple Dori.  Then, I only glued it in from the top, the bottom, and the left, while keeping the right side free to act as a pocket for the tiny tags.  Love how the tags are sticking out of the Dori.  So easy, right?  This layout was made using the Paper and Ink kits.


3. Create a pocket using ephemera.  Pick out one of your huge ephemeras and glue them in only halfway.  In this layout, you’ll see that I glued only the bottom half of the ephemera so that the top portion can act as a pocket for the photo.   At the back of the photo, I added some hidden journaling!  This layout was made using the Paper and Ink kits.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Pockets are an easy way to add a bit of an interactive element to your traveler’s notebook.  Hope I inspired you to use DIYed pockets in your memorykeeping.  Thank you for passing by!


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  1. Kelley Coates-Carter

    Love these ideas! Thank you!

    • Riadelara

      Thank you so much Kelley 🙂


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