Simple Titles

My favorite thing about the Cocoa Daisy kits are the stickers! I feel like they are so versatile and I can use them in any planner I’m currently in. Right now I’m using my B6 Stalogy and I’ve been finding fun and creative ways to use my stickers for simple titles.  The Washi stripes from the sticker kit fit almost perfectly across the B6! I used one here as a background for my “Budget Tracker”. Why not make keeping a budget cute.

I also like to stamp on top of the stickers. Since they aren’t glossy you can easily use any ink. I use the Ranger black ink. Here I simply added a circle sticker and stamped the title for the page halfway on.

For my meals I use the Monday through Sunday sticker from the sticker kit. The “meal plan” stickers fit perfectly on top. All I did was add one of the black crow stickers to the edge for a little decoration.

For the dates, there are so many options! You can write your day or use the days of the week stickers. And I love using the date circles! Here I used the banner stickers with a hand written day and the date sticker.

I love the painted circle stickers in the sticker kit. I use them the same way, with a hand written title and the date sticker.

Lastly I used the hexagon stickers with the printed day of the week sticker. It fits pretty nicely and I can write the date in the open space. You can also switch it up and use the date number sticker on top and hand write your day.

I hope this post gave you some new ideas on how to combine your stickers for simple titles.

Happy Planning

xoxo Tricia


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