Holiday Countdown with Cocoa Daisy

Greetings again, Daisies!  Today I have a fun and easy project that will make the countdown to an anticipated event or holiday fun and cute – it’s a countdown garland!

For this project, you will need two sizes of round paper punches (I used 2″ and 1.75″), a selection of patterned cardstock (I used the papers in the Christmas Bonus kit), white cardstock (mine is from the 12×12 Memory Keeping kit), round stamps (I used the stamps from the April “My Story” 12×12 Memory Keeping kit), number stamps (I used the numbers from the Snow Globe Memory Keeping kit), a selection of die cuts, a single hole punch, and some decorative string.

First, choose some patterned paper and punch 2″ circles.  I chose patterns that were small and on dark paper so the white circles on top would contrast nicely.  Punch however many circles you need for your countdown – I did 12 for the 12 days leading up to Christmas, but you could count down to a vacation, the end of school, a big event like a wedding, anything! Punch the same number of circles out of white cardstock with the 1.75″ punch. Glue the white circles on top of the patterned ones.

Next, use some circular stamps to decorate the white circles.  If you don’t have circle stamps, you can hand-draw borders like these or skip this step altogether if you prefer a simpler look.

Vinyl Printed Brick Photography Backdrops

Now it’s time for the numbers! The number stamps from the Snow Globe kit fit perfectly, but any large numbers will do.  I decided to jazz mine up with some gold embossing powder, but that certainly isn’t needed.  You could even handwrite the numbers, or for a really personal touch, have the kids do it!

Once all the numbers are stamped or written, use a single hole punch to punch a hole near the top of each white circle.  Then, with a pair of scissors, cut a slit from the edge of each disk to the punched hole.  This will allow you to remove the circles from the garland without having to take the whole thing down. I had a bunch of small snowflake die cuts left over in my kits, so I used those to add one more bit of decoration to each circle.

custom backdrops

If you wish, this would be a good time to write something on the back of each circle. Some families that I know like to do a special activity with the kids each evening in the days leading up to Christmas – watching a favorite movie, reading “The Night Before Christmas,” opening a new pair of pajamas, driving around to see the holiday lights, etc.

To make the garland extra festive, gather up a selection of die cuts – one to go between each number.  Make sure your die cuts are large enough to have a hole punched through them but not larger than your circles.  I used some of the die cuts that came in the Christmas Bonus kit – the pastel colors contrasted nicely with the papers I chose.  Carefully punch a small hole through each one, just large enough for your string to go through.  I used an awl, but you could also use a large needle.

Once everything is punched, it’s time to string and hang your garland!

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Each evening, you can remove and turn over a numbered circle to reveal that night’s family activity, or just remove the circles altogether as the days count down to the main event.

I love how this project turned out – it looks so cute hanging on my fireplace, and it was so easy to do! This is a project the kids would love to be a part of – helping to make the garland would make it extra exciting to watch the countdown happen.

I hope you enjoyed this project and decide to make one for your next big event! Thank you for being with me today, and I’ll see you soon around the Daisy Patch!  For more Cocoa Daisy project and planner inspiration, visit me on Instagram and YouTube.



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  1. Simone Schermann

    Oh wow, Kristine! I finally took the time to take a closer look at your countdown and this is such a great and especially doable project, I love it! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • rustina55

      Thank you, Simone! It came together so easily – definitely a good project for the kids! -Kristine


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