Using Planner Kit Leftovers in Book Journaling

No matter how I try to use up all the goodies in my Cocoa Daisy planner kits, I am always left with a few bits and pieces at the end of the month.  I don’t want these to go to waste so I decided to use these extra bits for my Book Journaling.  I started journaling in my books because I have always been inspired by the Illustrated Faith community.  I love how their community uses arts and crafts to explore and profess their faith in their Bibles.  Instead of using the Bible, I decided to turn to self help or self improvement books.

I like responding to the text by jotting down short notes and reflections about it right after reading.  Highlighting and rewriting the important takeaways help me to remember them more so that hopefully I can apply them in my daily life.  I add a little bit more fun by using my leftover stickers and ephemera to add more color and decoration.

I’m sharing with you some pages that I have done using the November Cocoa Daisy Planner kits inside the pages of my current read, The Daily Stoic.  I read pages from the book at random so that I get a taste of different topics.  Also, it helps to pick a book that has ample spaces below or on the side for journaling.

Planner stickers like “Remember”, “Do it”, “To do”, and “Done” are perfect sentiments to use in self help books.

Leftover letter stickers can be used for making short phrases.

Arrows, Stars, Circles and Hearts can be used as bullet points for emphasis.

Lovely ephemera are always a joy to use.

Sometimes, I get lucky that there are some phrases that can be applicable to the text as well.

I use the tabs to mark specific pages that really speak to me.

It’s a joy to thumb through my book to see artful and meaningful messages spread inside it.   Hope I have inspired you to use your kit leftovers by journaling with them in your books.  Do you have any other uses for your monthly planner kit leftovers? Hope you can share them in the comments.

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  1. Marcia

    This is so inspiring! Thank you!

    • Ria de Lara

      Thank you so much Marcia! 🙂

  2. Kelley


    Lovely ideas! Thank you so much for sharing them!

    • Ria de Lara

      You’re welcome, thank you too, Kelley! 🙂


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