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Hello everyone!
How are you? Have you entered like me into the Christmas mood?
This month I give you some ideas to do some project of journaling / memory keeping when you have little time … let’s join the fact that you can use the same material that you use for the planner…. what do you want more?
As you can read in the title I insert these cards in my memorydex but you can enter them directly in the planner or in the envelopes for card .. or you can put them on your desk, hanging with the clips on a grid.
So you do not have any good reason not to do them!

—– >>>> if you want to know more about the memorydex you can take a ride on youtube or instagram. you will find a world of ideas !!

I already tell you that the only things you will need to make beautiful cards is your imagination and the beautiful cards of the pocket kit of cocoa daisy, then add some advanced decoration kit or just some stamp and what you want to remember (photos, verses of songs, quotes, the line of a book you are reading, a few lines that tells your day, etc).
The possibilities are many and it takes very little time.

I leave you a small selection of some of my cards of the last few months to show you the various opportunities:

I just have to say hello hoping to have given you some ideas to make the most of your kit, even the small pieces that remain!
Be creative always,

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  1. Simone

    Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous idea!


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