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Hello everyone!

We broke up last month with the arrival of autumn, but here in Italy the heat is back and it still seems like summer 😭.

I want fresh air, hot tea, evenings under the plaid and chestnuts!

I console myself having fun with my scrap projects, embellishments for the craft room and my simplydori!

When I saw the first simplydori a few months ago I fell madly in love, then subscribed and now I’m on the new subscription!

If the thing that stops you is the anxiety of not being able to complete an entire insertΒ  for month this is the right article for you because I make a totally different use.

Let’s see if you understand this picture!

And here’s the idea!

Use each SimplyDory for a topic so you do not have the stress of having to fill it in a single month.

For example, the first was filled with photos of 2 trips made to visit my grandfather, so I dedicated it to his city: zadar, Croatia.

->Example of a page dedicated to zadar<-

The others have arguments, one will be dedicated to Journaling or projects with a part of a diary, the other is dedicated to the house, then photos of the house, balconies, maybe changes of furniture or new decorations, the possibilities are many!

The October SimplyDory, with its magnificent colors, is perfect for my autumn projects and it takes very little to make it look beautiful!

A few photos, a date, diecuts…

And if you do not have many photos, maybe the weather is bad or nothing special happens, you can cut out a cocoa daisy paper as a background and put the lyrics of the song you like right now….

Or dedicate a page to the recipe you are trying!

(the project is underway πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜‚).

I hope I have given you some ideas for your simplydori but please comment with yours!

If you want to see how my page dedicated to dessert is over, follow me on:

Instagram -> evy_passion

YouTube ->

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Meanwhile, I greet you and I go to taste my muffins, I would not publish a wrong recipe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Be creative ever,

Kisses, Evy


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  1. alessia_g75

    Thank you for your nice suggestion!!! Really helpful!!!

  2. alessia_g75

    Thank you for your nice suggestion! Really helpful!

    • Evelyne Schmidtke

      thank you alessia!

  3. erika.lupi88

    It’s a great idea!!

    • Evelyne Schmidtke

      erika…love you!

  4. Simone Schermann

    Evy, I love all of your Simple Dori pages and the idea to use them for different aspects and keep them going until it is full – is genius!

    • Evelyne Schmidtke

      thank you Simone,it’s the best idea that came to my mind…without renouncing my simplydori!
      I was Always stressed to finish within a month,not now.


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