Hello From the Newest Daisy – Kristine

Hello, Cocoa Daisy friends!  My name is Kristine Bryant, and I’m new to the Planner Team beginning this month.  I am beyond excited to be joining the Cocoa Daisy family – I have been in love with the products since my first kit arrived in February of this year, and each one has just gotten better and better!

Before I tell you about my planner, let me tell you a little about me! I went to school to become an architect, and even graduated with my Bachelor of Architecture degree.  But the slowing down of the construction industry the year I graduated meant it was hard for a new graduate to find a job.  So to make some money, I started working as a teacher assistant at a small private school for children with learning disabilities.  I quickly discovered that I enjoyed teaching – and bonus, I was good at it! – so I went back to school to get my master’s in special education.  I’ve been teaching for the last 18 years, first in special education and then in regular education math. I’ve spent all of that time with middle schoolers – sometimes they make me crazy, but most of the time, I find them funny – and I can truly say there’s never a dull moment!  I’ve lived in northern Virginia for the last 23 years and am currently single and loving it.  🙂

I’ve always considered myself a creative and artistic person – whether learning a new instrument or painting or throwing pottery or printmaking, I’ve always liked to express myself in new and creative ways.  In my home, my creative streak comes in handy designing and implementing home improvement and renovation projects; at school, I love that I get to design my classroom, my desk area, my bulletin and chalkboard spaces, and lesson activities.

As a busy teacher with way more items on my to-do list than working hours, a planner is essential!  I have run the gamut from pre-printed spiral planners to bullet journals to travelers notebooks to ring binders, and once i gave up the idea of “planner peace,” I started to enjoy trying new sizes and formats.  Constantly switching it up keeps my creative juices flowing! Right now, I am in Foxy Fix A6 rings and absolutely LOVING them.  Let’s take a look at my setup!

For October, I’m using A6 rings in the Spice Saffron leather.  It’s a beautiful rusty red color and complements the October Cocoa Daisy kits so well!

I like to see something pretty right when I open my planner cover, but why have one pretty thing when you can have two?  On the left side, tucked into the pocket, is a sticker and clip pocket that I made following a great tutorial by Lindsay Sasseville. On the right side is the opening art pice I always create for the front of my planner using the back cover of the Standard Dori booklet and some of the die cuts and embellishments from the kits.

The first section after the cover piece is made from the cut up standard Daisy Dori booklet, which I am using as a gratitude journal this month.  I use the gridded and dotted sections, one per day, and dress the pages up with number stickers and some of the adorable stamps.  I use the pages in between those sections for printables of the monthly photo challenges and just random notes and musings.

Next up is my monthly calendar section.  Here, I notate date- and time-specific items for work, as well as birthdays and other events involving family and friends.  Although I’ve tried to use other, less traditional calendar formats, I always come back to the basic monthly view.  Can’t live without it! Some number stamps, Cocoa Daisy washi, and decorative Cocoa Daisy stamps make it pretty to look at every day.

After my monthly section comes my daily section, which is where the real meat and potatoes of my planner can be found.  Here I transfer any work items from my monthly, and also add daily items that need to get done at home.  I refer to these pages several times a day, and it’s so satisfying to check off those boxes when I complete tasks.

Next up is my social media content planner, which I find absolutely essential for keeping up with the photo challenges I participate in for Cocoa Daisy and Foxy Fix. Before I started using this insert last month, I never knew which prompt went with which day, and I found myself forgetting to post.  These simple pages keep me on track and I rarely miss a day anymore.

In between all of my sections are divider pockets that I decorate with the papers, journaling cards, washi, and embellishments that come with the kits, as well as the beautiful vellums and acetates.  Every single corner of my planner is decorated with Cocoa Daisy, and it just makes me so very happy to look at and use!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and get to know me and my planning style!  For more planner photos and videos, visit me on Instagram and YouTube. Until next time, wishing you happy plans!



  1. sandra tracy

    Oh my goodness!!! You’re on the PR team! So exciting!! Yay for one more place to stalk your gorgeous setups! Congrats!!

    • rustina55

      Thank you, Sandra! I am so excited and honored. Thank you for your support! -Kristine

  2. Simone Schermann

    This is so funny, I studied to become a math teacher, then changed half way through to guess what?! Yes, architecture! Thank you so much for sharing your planner setup, it looks amazing!

    • rustina55

      Oh my gosh, how funny! That’s it, Simone, we are destined to be best friends!! Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 – Kristine


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