August 2018 Planner Guest Designer | Clara Kolesnik

In August 2018 we had Clara Kolesnik as our guest designer. Let’s learn a bit more about her and see what she created:

“My name is Clara (MySummerTouch on social media). I love all kind of paper planning and journaling. I am a very creative person, I even invented my own kind of planner: Midori traveler’s notebook on filofax rings. I have been journaling and art journaling in all kind of journals and planners for about five years, most of my work I show on my accounts. Recently, I redisvovered my tendecy to sketch people, which I do with my lovely Lamy Safary fountain pen and watercolor, sometimes with watercolor pencils. I also love to watch all kinds of biographies of artists and create my own planner printables in all sizes of planners.”

Clara used the Daisy Dori to write about her recent trip:

“This June I went to Hong Kong, very memorable trip that I decided to commemorate in my Cocoa Daisy Standard Daisy Dori. I like my journals to be deliciously chunky – the chunkier the better, so I used maps, guides, Cocoa Daisy dashboards, and made additional pockets to insert even more ephemera and photos. I used Cocoa Daisy dashboards for the reverse side of my photos to add more interest to the page.”

“I used stickers right on the pictures to make them more appealing, including letter stickers, tab stickers, little things like hearts, circles, etc. I also used stickers to write on them the name of the places where I’ve been with the CD pen. I made pockets out of photos or Cocoa Daisy dashboards by using washi tape only on two sides of the dashboards, leaving two sides open to slide there tickets, receipts, etc.”

“I used Cocoa Daisy daisy notepad to make a central 3D daisy on the center pages of the Daisy Dori, which I decorated with bee stickers. I tore another Cocoa Daisy tea cup notepad to create a pocket to hold a photo. 
I want to thank Cocoa Daisy for several hours of pure joy creating and decorating my Hong Kong travel journal!”

Thank you so much, Clara, for sharing your traveler’s notebook with us, if you want to see more of Clara’s work head on over to her Instagram @mysummertouch or YouTube channel mysummertouch.

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