Simply Dori & Memory Keeping

Hello girls and happy August to all!
I hope you are enjoying the summer, the sun, the holidays and the beautiful days.

Summer is the time of year I prefer to take pictures, there is always a beautiful light and I do a lot of things that I can document in my planner.
Everything at this time of the year seems special to me even if nothing special is done.

For example, last month, I spent a few days at my grandfather in Croatia, it was a wonderful opportunity to take pictures and try the new simply dori, I fell madly in love with this new format offered by cocoa daisy!

I decided to dedicate my simply dori to a category every month so I do not have the performance anxiety and I can do my projects with my own pace.

At the moment I’m working on the one in August that will be dedicated to my mountain trips and mushroom picking!

Many of my friends ask me some trick to make memory keeping but the thing I say to all is one: try different styles, take inspiration everywhere, look at the work of others and then make attempts until you find your way and your style!

At this time I have a real obsession with stamps, I find them extremely versatile, I can use them for backgrounds, titles, captions and much more. I enjoy changing the color of the ink and I always get a different effect!

I leave you some pictures to show you what I have combined and follow the other social of Cocoa Daisy to see how I will finish this simply dori in my next vacation!

Good creavity to all!






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