Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog!
Also this month I’ll talk about setup but this time I change planner and show you my daisy dori.

It’s the planner dedicated to expenses and the various tracking …. health, fitness, etc.
Despite being a planner that must be useful I can not not make it too nice and I wanted to show you some ideas to make it beautiful as well as useful!
In the meantime, I present it to you!

Since last month I use a clear planner to hold my insert, so the setup is really fast, just a nice cover, a charm and some details and you’re done!
Here I took advantage of some things from the past months (the card with foil details and the yellow pen holder), I added a nice dashboard, the wonderful charm and a touch of washi.

First I added the tabs, I love to create them by recycling the cards containing the kits and simply using the punch tab.


Later I dated the planner only changing the color of the ink. I used the various stamps of the kit and the stickers with the numbers and the days of the week.
So the planner is already partially decorated and even if I add only my annotations the effect is nice.

At this point I dedicated a page to the craft expenses, I absolutely have to monitor them otherwise it is a moment distracted and spendered too much !!!

The second part of the insert is dedicated to fitness and good practices.
I took inspiration from a talented woman, Melina Pylant, for my habit tracker, this month will be dedicated to my mood.
Of course you can use it for anything!

As you can see this month I decided to use watercolors a lot, I’m not very practical yet but I love the effect they give to the pages.
I decided to continue to practice, if you have any tips or suggestions, even the little ones, they are welcome!

For the last pages of my planner I invite you to follow me on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/evy_passion/

I have to be honest, I’m still working on it! 😉

I would say it’s all, I hope as always to have given you some ideas or at least have done you company.

Be creative,

Kisses ,Evy

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