Managing all the Hats I wear in one Dori

I love planning with the awesome supplies that we get in our kits.  Being able to create something beautiful to use in my daily life that keeps me organized is the so much fun. And being able to customize it each month to what I need is also a great plus. I love the way that you can make your Daisy Dori, or punched Planner Pages your own based on your specific needs.

This month, for my June planner setup I decided that I would use a page per day in the Daisy Dori.  Why do you ask? Well, because I need to compartmentalize my days in order to manage all the “hats” I wear in my daily life during the summer season.

We have the food truck out for four days a week and then we do special events and our satellite location at our new stadium opens every few weeks. Then I am working on training for our trip across Canada, so I need to make time to bike/trike. Lastly I have a small Etsy shop that needs maintenance.

I start the month out by using the month on 2 pages in the front of my Daisy Dori to give myself a bigger calendar. With so many things going on in my life, I need the bigger monthly view to keep it clutter free, make it easy to read without compromising what I am putting on it.

On the front of that page, I use last month goals to help shape this month’s goals. I separate them into three different categories: Home, Restaurant and Etsy Shop. I use the checklist stickers from the new Sticker subscription to divide this page easily into the 3 categories.

The next lined pages I decided to use as my running to do list for the month, I guess these are more goals, but little goals that are more task orientated. These two pages will fill up as the month goes, and tasks can be checked off as I get them done. They can also be migrated into daily planning should I need to have something done by a specific date.

Dating each page with a day flag, I also labeled all my pages and used skinny washi tape from my stash to divide the blank pages into sections to mimic the pages in the front and the back of the Dori so that I could still keep the Home, Work, Etsy sections throughout the days.

On the left side of each 2-page spread I wrote out Home, Work, and Etsy to use those areas for those specific things throughout the day to capture things to do.  And while there won’t always be work things to do on each day I can use those spaces for lettering, or die cuts, or stickers, or even as a place to jot down thoughts.

If you want to see all of my dashboards for the month, be sure to follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss when I post them. I will also have a flip through my planner on my YouTube channel in the beginning of June.

I hope these little ways that I make personalize my Daisy Dori will inspire you and help you find some planner peace as we navigate this thing called life!






  1. Kelley Coates-Carter

    Lindsay, this was both functional and pretty to look at and think about for my planning. Thank yo for sharing your methods.

    • Lindsay Sasseville

      Thanks Kelly! I appreciate that!

  2. Simone Schermann

    Looks like you will have a busy June and your Daisy Dori is ready to help you keep organized! Thank you for sharing!


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