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First and foremost, do you have your favorite beverage? No? Well go grab it, we will wait. You are going to want to sit back and enjoy all the inspiration that we have in this blogpost!!

Got it? Are you all comfy and cozy?! Good, let’s get this party started!!

Today we are talking about the Cocoa Daisy Journal Every Day in May challenge!  If you aren’t playing along that is ok, there is still some amazing inspiration that will be found throughout the post. I am not a big journaler, but I love that this challenge allows me to stretch those creative muscles. There will be oodles of tips and tricks, make sure to let me know which ones you would like to try or have tried and how they work for you!! Just leave a comment in the comment box at the end of this post!!

So, that being said, my first tip is to have your favorite beverage, something to write on and with. You can journal anywhere! In a car, in a plane, on a train, in a box, with a fox, wait, I think that is a book. But seriously, you can journal anywhere. Maybe it would help to set up a journal station that has all your favorite things surrounding you and inspiring you.

The length of time spent can be as short (my style for sure) or as long as you would like! One of our team members took 3 pages for one prompt. This is your journal and only you have to look at it. So do what makes you happy! When I am short on time I like to set a timer for maybe 15 minutes or so and do what I can in that time! Sometimes it’s just what I need and other times I freeze and have to come back to it altogether. It’s just part of the process.

Not sure how to start? Go check out the hashtag #CDJournalEveryDayinMay. Or google journaling ideas!! Go to YouTube, blogs, websites. The resources are endless. Prompts are a great starter. If a prompt doesn’t work for you, change it up a bit. Use only one or look for quotes, poems, songs, scripture, doodle, a photograph that inspires you and add that. Tweak it and make it work for you!! Again, do what makes you happy! There are no rules!

Now enough of all the blah blah blah… Lets get to the good stuff!! I loved each and every entry so far for the challenge thank you all for participating! I tried to choose one from each day of the challenge. That wasn’t exactly the case but, these will still get your juices flowing so make sure you have your notes section of your planner/notebook open to a clean page and a fresh pen to catch and remember all the ideas!

All of the ideas are from non team members, so be sure to find them on IG or FB and show them love!! So not to show any partiality they are listed in alphabetical order. No one entry is right or wrong! They are each glorious is their own way!! A HUGE thank you to each and everyone who allowed me to use their photographs as examples!!


For those of you who might not want all the world to see your journaling, this is a great way to hide it. Tip ins are always fun and a great use of journaling cards. Thank you, Amy Cleaver, for allowing me to use your stunning example!

Maybe you don’t like your own handwriting. You could always use a typewriter, or stamps, or stickers. I love how Belinda Hearn used both the typewriter and her own handwriting! Thanks Belinda for another great example!

Not sure what to use for your prompt book? CD has that covered! Just know that anything will work! Whatever you have in the junk drawer even. I think the Daisy Dori inserts seem to be most popular this year. There are so many different ways to break up the Daisy Dori. Jana Hoffmann used each block for a separate prompt allowing the fold to separate as well. She changed it up a bit with the different colors of ink, that’s a great touch. Thank you Jana for this beautiful example.

You can make it as complicated or as simple as you want! I love how Kathy Fannon had the same approach but kept it black and white. Classic! Thank you Kathy!!

Another fantastic example of how to use the Daisy Dori!! Use one page per prompt!! I also love that she used last month’s insert!!! Love the change up! Kelly Vandermolen kept it classic with the black ink and added just a tiny bit of embellishment! It is adorable!! Thank you Kelly!!

The way you journal is totlly up to you! You can actually write out your sentiment or list it!! Here Mary Akre did both! Superb example, thank you Mary.

Use what you have on hand! like this plane white insert! What a great way to use up all the little bits from past kits!! Doodling is another super way to zaz up your pages. I love how Melina Wray has incorporated all these fun elements!! A feast for the eyes, thank you Melina.

I see, often, people asking how to use the back of the daily insert!! Why not use it to journal!!? How perfect is that!?! Here Sheila Carter shows us how she uses hers just for that purpose!! And again, with the fun colored ink!! Thank you Sheila.

Junque journaling is another way to do the challenge!! You just use what you love!! The Writing Sparrow used all kinds of elements here. Water color, stickers, washi, diecuts, stamps, all the things!! I love how she used both pages for one prompt! Thank you The Writing Sparrow.

I hope you have taken notes, and are inspired to join in with all the fun we are having doing this challenge and making it work for us!! Make sure to keep track using the hashtag #CDJournalEveryDayinMay!! I’m off to create! Thank you for staying with me and don’t forget to comment below if you have questions, or try any of these ideas. Tag me on IG @chipped_in_time_ I want to see the magic you make!
















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  1. Amy Cleaver

    I’m so honored to be included!!! And what awesome examples and tips! Tons of inspiration here. Thank you for a great post, Kami!!

    • Kami Higgins

      I loved being able to add you, thank you for letting me!!!

  2. melinapylant

    Thanks so much for including me in your post! I love all these talented ladies’ journals!

    • Kami Higgins

      Thank you for allowing me to add you!! It was definitely my pleasure!

  3. Kelly Vandermolen

    thank you so much for including my little book! yes, i am using april’s dori…i only just subbed and was not quick enough to get my hands on the may kit. i feel a little twinge of envy each and every time i look at the may loveliness but, goodness, april is beautiful as well!

    there is so much loveliness here! great blog post.

    • Kami Higgins

      I am honored that you allowed me to add your book!! Thank you!!

  4. Simone Schermann

    What a fun read! Thank you so much for finding all the amazing photos and sharing them for inspiration!

    • Kami Higgins

      Thank you, sweet, Simone!! It was so fun to go and seek them all out. I wanted to add each and every photograph that I found, clearly that was not an option! HAHA

  5. jhoffmann130

    Thank you for including me. It is an honor. This is my first time journaling and I have enjoyed the camaraderie amongst the group. The exchange of ideas has also been fabulous! You pulled many great ideas together and raised the whole project up a notch. Thank you, again!

    • Simone Schermann

      Thank you so much, Jana!


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