Ready, Set, May & Dutch Doors!!

Time to Set up for May!!  This month I decided to put my Dutch Door Tutorial to work in my very own Daisy Dori!  I am so excited to try this system and see how it works for me for busy months!!

Inside, I have made a flip open monthly calendar from the Month of 2 pages in the Personal Size Pages

I have also added a few little details like a decorated “wreath” using one of the Memory Keeping Pocket Kit Stamps

And I have also used quite a few of the new Sticker Kit stickers to decorate in my planner including these great Hydration stickers!  And because I am trying to drink more water now with the weather getting warmer and me going out for Trike rides, it will be a great place to track if I am getting enough!

Ok, So I know a few of you have watched my Video on my Youtube Channel about making a Dutch Door out of a Daisy Dori.  And If you haven’t, well you are in Luck because I am sharing it here again today!!  I used an older Dori to test it out while I filmed this tutorial, in case you all are wondering why it’s not Birds and Typewriters!

For May I am doing the Dutch Door in my B6, and Wowza, the space in the B6 is great for the busy month ahead.  Here is my Set up video for May

And last but not least, here is my Walkthrough of my whole set up!  Mind you I am sure I will add to this throughout the month, but I am happy with it so far!!

Here is one of the A5 Dashboards cut down to fit in my B6 Dashboard covers, They work great and I love having the dashboards match the rest of my planner each month!

Even the top of my Planner is set for the month! With a few clips from the kits and some from my stash 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Rachel Newman

    I love how you created a vertical weekly with your B6 inserts! And the dutch door?! Brilliant!

  2. Simone Schermann

    Wow, what a great setup! I can’t wait to watch the video and I’m curious to see how the Dutch Door works for you in use!


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