April Setup: Being Flexible with Your Planning

Hello Lovely Planner People!

I tried something new to me this month and trimmed down the B6 dori booklet and punched it to fit my personal ring bound planner from Foxy Fix! **As a disclaimer, I do not know of any other personal size planners that are wide enough to hold personal wide inserts, which is what I used this month. Research before you purchase!**

The inserts come to the edge of this particular planner, so I enjoyed some top tabs this month!


Now, let’s talk about the meat of my planner; the weekly planning pages. This was a new setup for me, and at the beginning of the month I thought I’d use the weekly pages in the B6 dori as a week on 2 pages. I have a youtube video up that reviews my entire setup at the beginning of the month, if you’re interested.

This is what the week on 2 pages ended up looking like.

Since each box is taken for a day of the week, I needed another space to add my weekly to do list. I like to write out a list on Sunday evening for all the things I need to get done for the week. With this setup, I wrote my list out on the notepad paper and washi taped it to the back of my Today page marker.

This setup is perfectly fine, and it might work for a lot of people, but something felt off to me. I realized that since I was also using a daily insert, I was repeating too much information in 2 sections of my planner, and I just don’t have extra time; I like to be efficient as possible so I have more time to actually get things done. This is where I encourage you to do what works for YOU! Try different layouts and if something isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to change it.

I decided that I would go to using the dori pages as a week on 1 page with the left side of the paper split in to “To Do”, “To Call” and “To Go” for my weekly tasks. The right side I split in to halves and devoted each day to a box. It has worked out so well for me I’m committing to that for May as well.

I used the rest of the dori pages for a variety of things. One of the things that I’ve found keep me focused for the month is to set a few, simple goals.

I did use the regular personal size week on one stripe pages for a daily gratitude. It’s simple and takes just a few seconds but starts my day off in the right frame of mind!

I also used the standard dori this month again for memory keeping! I use word to type up simple text boxes and add pictures of big events. It’s the 4th month in a row I’ve been keeping a memory journal and it’s already so wonderful to look back at how much my son as grown.

For fun, I’m also using the mini dori for a journaling/list challenge!

Thanks for following along with me another month. I hope you found some inspiration!

Happy planning!

Jennifer <3


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  1. Simone Schermann

    I can totally relate to trying to be as efficient as possible and not repeating too much information. I love how you made it work for you! Can’t wait to see how it progresses in May!


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