April Planner Setup – 4 steps-

Hi girls!

Today I wanted to tell you about a simple but funny thing … the planner setup.

It’s one of my favorite moments of the month, what makes me wait for the parcel with yellow polka dots … because I can’t wait to play with my planner.

1-First thing: I choose the planner of the month, it is something that I really like.

Although I know the theme of the month every time I change my mind on the planner to use when I have the kit in hand and I see it live.

2-At this point I add the pages and choose dashboards and tabs to use

3-Now all I have to do is topple all the embellishments on the table and play until I’m satisfied!

4-and so the game is done!
certainly during the month I will not be able to resist and add some embellishment here and there.

If you are curious to see the interior follow me on youtube: EVY PASSION PLANNER WORLD, video coming soon.
For all the photos and details I leave you my instagram profile: EVY_PASSION and the new hashtag: #evyandcocoa 😉

Do you want to share your setup?







  1. Sara Ceretti

    Meraviglioso sei sempre bravissima fai venir voglia di acquistare tutto

    • Evelyne Schmidtke

      Grazie Sara, che grande complimento😘

  2. Monica

    Sei davvero bravissima ❤️

    • Evelyne Schmidtke


  3. Simone Schermann

    Thank you so much for sharing your setup!


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