Spring Cleaning Set-Up Getting Organized

Happy Spring, Daisys!

I am so happy to be able to come to you today and talk Set-up! I am sitting in the cutest little coffee shop sipping a delicious vanilla latte and munching the yummiest orange biscuit! I wish that we could be face to face enjoying this conversation. Wouldn’t that be lovely? There are some really good set up posts out there so I thought I would come at you differently and go through my process of the before the setup! The setup of the set up, if you will!

Starting with the joy of unboxing, I unwrap and open everything, throwing it around like I’m 5 on Christmas morning, wrapping and paper flying through the air. There are paper bits and nuggets of goodness covering the floor and table when its all over and sometimes the cat is covered with tissue. The aftermath is glorious every single month!

As I origanize and start putting things in there place, my wheels are turning and churning with ideas of what will be. I see this paper with that dashboard and those die cuts on that book mark, the butterflies floating across the page and the such.

I found this amazing storage bin at Michaels. The little bowls were there as well and fit snuggly inside the tray!

I gather all the things I want accessible, and organize the kits. I love having different options of glue and punches, stamps and my sprocket.

They all look so happy in their new home, wouldn’t you agree?

Now i can keep everything in one place and see it all at a glance. I love that I can keep so much in such a compact place and can grab it as I run out the door to plan on the run if I need to!

Now that I am all organized, its off to setup the actual planner! Feel free to ask all the questions and leave all the comments below! I love to hear what you have to say! Have a blessed day friends!




  1. Sarah Andrews

    Now I must have that bin.omment

    • Kami Higgins

      first, I must apologize for such a late response! I responded while on a trip and it must not have loaded. Please forgive me? Did you get a bin of your own??

  2. jones3535

    Sooo…the mint green caddy fits inside the clear case and a lid fits on top? I shop at Michael’s all the time. How have I missed this?

    • Kami Higgins

      Yes, exactly!! You need it!! #enabler

    • Kami Higgins

      Yes, the caddy fits in the clear case! Then the lid on top of that! I hope you find it next time you go!!

  3. Simone Schermann

    I loved the funny description of your unboxing! I can totally imagine how you dig through the package! Do you write those ideas down? Or start right away? Or just wait and see what sticks when you get to it?

    • Kami Higgins

      I usually just let it mull around in my mind and see what sticks when I get to it!!


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