Bring on April!!

April is filled with beautiful goodies for planning and I can’t wait to share with you what I did with them!  I will still be planning each week as it happens, doing my meal planning, and scheduling and anything else I normally do, but one of the most fun things in the month to do is set up my planner for the month.

Let’s start with setting up my Monthly Calendar.  I am using the Undated Personal Dori from Cocoa Daisy because it fits nicely in my B6 and I can keep it with me all the time.  In this calendar, I set up staff schedules, restaurant related tasks, and couple events that Chris and I do either apart or together. I also include big Cocoa Daisy tasks that I need to complete on specific days so that I know at a glance when I have time to plan other things.  When I am setting things up for the month I add the days of the week at the top, the Month header, and the day dots, then I decorate a little.  When I start to actually plan, I will write in all of the things necessary for the month that I know and it will fill up fast!

Inside my B6 Planner, I have decided to try using the Month on 2 pages as my calendar for the month. This will contain the same info as my undated dori but will be inside my dori so that when I need to look back on a particular month I only need to grab that dori, and not have to have 2 out to look at what happened.  I also do this because occasionally my Undated Dori is left at home if Chris needs to see what is happening.  I will be changing this to a Monday start Calendar, I just hadn’t decided how I was going to do this before filming!

I used washi tape and adhesive to adhere the 2 page calendar to the front calendar page of my dori and made it so that it flips open and closed for easy viewing. And I am going to be using the back of the first page for April Goals and big to do’s.  I also adhered the Monthly B6 size Challenge page to the inside of my front cover, these will be available for download in the Cocoa Daisy shop on Reveal Night!

You can download the zip file for the challenge, and print out the size that you are using to plan in and they fit perfectly! I rounded the corners of mine so that it matches with my rounded dori pages!

I then started to decorate my week on 2 pages spreads in the front of my dori.  These grid pages are great to plan in for the month for me.  Some months I change things up but the B6 planner pages give you lots of room for lists and tasks as well as decor and embellishments.  I will even do some lettering in here for larger day tasks!

Here is a close up of some of the stamps that I used for the month! This month I chose the cloud to track weather, I will write in each cloud the high and low temp for the day and I may use the Simon under the Weather set to stamp if its sunny or cloudy etc on that day as well.  The little turquoise tags I inserted on Tuesday and Wednesday are for doing my staff schedules, and even though the filler stamp fits perfectly inside the tag outline I chose to set them off a bit to make them look like 2 tags instead of one, still lining up the tag hole for layering.  I used the circle task stamp from the Icon planner set to ombre tasks for days that I didn’t use the task flag stickers on.

And finally, although I didn’t film this part I did dashboard inserts using the planner papers and A5 Dashboards kit for my planner layering them with some silver patterned acetate I had on hand.

Here is my Planner set up video if you are still wanting more!  It is mostly in fast speed with a quick walkthrough at the end before my battery dies!!

I hope you’ll enjoy it!


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Happy Planning!



  1. Simone Schermann

    Thank you so much for sharing, Lindsay! I loved your video – seems like you have found the perfect size for you!

    • Lindsay Sasseville

      Thank you! Yes I think so too! I love it!


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