Undated Yearly Daisy Dori – Scrapping and Planning

Cocoa Daisy launched an undated yearly dori booklet in the standard and personal size, and my wheels started spinning; I knew I wanted needed one and I had so many ideas for them! Since they are undated, they are truly a versatile product. I ordered one in each size and here’s how I am using them!

I chose to use the personal size dori for my forward planning! I primarily use a personal size ring bound planner and I love that I can slip it in to the front pocket of my planner. It doesn’t take up room in my rings AND when I need to schedule a doctor appointment I can bring just the dori in to the office with me. It’s such a portable size. I use just a mildliner and a pen to get appointments down and then use scraps from my kits to add some jazz….. (SIMON!)

Throughout the month, I use the B6 planner dori for memory keeping. I keep it super simple with a few pictures of “big memories” and type up a short synopsis of each day. At the end of January, looking back on my completed book for the month, I had the idea to complete a journal for the year using the standard size undated yearly dori booklet.

Here are a few pictures of my daily #scrapjournal from January and February, as an example.

I decided to print pictures of my favorite memories of the month and put them in to the standard undated dori booklet. At the end of the year I’ll have all my favorite memories from 2018 all in one booklet. Again, I kept it super simple; it’s more important for me as a momma to a toddler with a hectic schedule to get the memories down than to worry about making the pages look perfect! Can you relate?!

Here’s how January turned out!

I have a few pictures printed for February and just slipped into the booklet. When the month is over, I’ll print any other favorite memory pictures and complete my pages for the month.

Thanks for following along with me for another month! I hope you enjoyed my ideas for using the undated yearly dori booklet. If you’re just getting in to memory keeping or feel overwhelmed, I encourage you to jump in! The Cocoa Daisy kits make it easy to create something beautiful without investing in a lot of fancy tools and completing just the one spread per month makes it super manageable when you don’t have a ton of time to devote to crafting, too!






  1. Simone Schermann

    I love both of your ideas! They are so you. I like the idea of a separate forward planning booklet that you put into your planner. It makes it even more versatile!

    • Jennifer Crowder

      Thanks, Simone! <3


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