A B6 Introduction!

One of the biggest reasons that I love being a part of this company is that Cocoa Daisy is constantly working to give their customers what they are asking for!  Even going above and beyond to get the things we want. This is no exception.  Cocoa Daisy asked us what size we would most like to have added and they responded with the B6, one of the more popular sizes in the traveler’s notebook world!

Photo courtesy of Simone Schermann

The B6 is a great size.  It is comparable in height to the personal, but wider to give you more room to spread your wings and let your create juices flow, or give you more room to add more lists or journaling, or whatever you want to do in your dori.  As with any of the Cocoa Daisy Dori’s they are filled with beautiful art making it easy for you to be functional and pretty with little effort.  And leaving room for you to add your stamp on things should you choose to!

Photo courtesy of Simone Schermann

Here is the Dori Line up, starting from Left to Right, we have Standard, B6, Personal and Mini.  One side note that I noticed about the Mini and the B6 is the Mini if you turn it sideways will fit twice on the B6!

Photo courtesy of Simone Schermann

Here they are all lined up in a stack, from top to bottom, we have Mini, Personal, B6, and Standard. The b6 fits right into the mix giving you another great option to work in!

Here is another view of the stack,(I have rounded the corners on the B6 in this photo) this time adding an A5 dashboard into the mix to give you a comparison of that as well.  Especially if you are wanting to cut up your B6 Dori and punch holes for a ring binder.  The B6 cut in this manner would fit very nicely in a Foxy Fix Personal Wide Rings!

Here is a couple of the pages cut, and punched inside the Foxy Fix Personal Wide Rings.  I think it is a great option if you love your personal rings and want a wider option!

Now let’s dive into the B6!  You get the same great layouts as you do in the other sizes including:

  • Monthly Calendar
  • 3 lined journaling pages
  • 11 blank (with design) pages
  • 10 graph paper with 3 sections
  • 10 unlined paper with 3 sections
  • Last page with design

Cocoa Daisy has also added in the last few months is the Dot grid on some of the blank pages.  It makes it so nice to have the dot grid when you like to journal or do lettering in the back half of your dori, or even if you like to spread your Month of planning through all the pages!

Photo courtesy of Simone Schermann

Here is a side by side comparison of the personal size and B6 calendar showing the size difference of the calendar boxes. I love the extra width there is in the B6 Calendar boxes!

Photo courtesy of Simone Schermann

Photo courtesy of Simone Schermann

As you can see you have just about 1/8″ more room width wise for writing which is great!

Overall the B6 is a fantastic size and I am so happy that Cocoa Daisy has added it to the Dori Line up!

I hope you enjoyed the look at the new B6 size!  Let me know what you think of the new option and if you are #teamB6 in the comments below!  I really can’t wait to see some of the layouts that are created and I will be keeping an eye out on Instagram and our Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans page on Facebook!


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