Product Focus: adhesive pockets

Hello Lovely Daisies!!

How are you doing? Today I´m bringing you a closer look to a new item we received on our Cocoa Daisy kits for January; adhesive pockets. 

There are two, one with crosses pattern and the other with a map pattern on it and they have different sizes, I found that it´s possible to change their position and will still adhere to a new surface, let´s see some ways to use them.

On the back side of our planner.

Here, the pocket remains in the same position, so it could be used for several months, as another accessory to keep pretty goodies. I chose to put the small sticker sheet and the clip since this is the smallest one but it could be filled with anything you´d like.

On a moving position.

If you´d like to have your pocket moving along while you plan this would be the right solution, I placed it in a personal size dashboard, the pocket is a little bigger, but it doesn´t bother me, another example would be cutting a bigger dashboard or one of the 6 double sided patterned papers to size, hole punch it and after that, just stick one of you pockets to it.

On a permanent sheet.

By permanent sheet I mean for example the first dashboard, wich won´t move during the month and it provides a very sturdy base for the pocket and all the goodies you put inside it. If you´d like to see the pattern perfectly then you should choose one of the dashboards from the dashboard add on because the back of it is white and it´d be easier to see the pocket pattern. In the large pockets easily fit the sticker sheets, big cards, the personal dashboards and many other things.

We´d love to see how you use your pockets, please, share anything you want with us tagging @cocoa_daisy on Instagram and in Cocoa Daisy planner fans group on Facbook.

Thank you for your time, enjoy your kits!!!


  1. Deborah Dobbins

    CThank you SO much for sharing – I love the pocket pages. If I had things my way, I would have them every month – they are delightful & so functional. I hope Cocoadaisy uses these again this year. Your info was so helpful 😊

  2. Lisa Faris

    Thank you for sharing. I was hesitant to use the pockets because I loved them and wasn’t sure where I could put them and continue to use them each month. I love seeing they are reusable and that you stuck it right onto the organizer itself. This was very helpful!!

  3. Simone Schermann

    Thanks for those ideas and the push to use our stuff instead of hoarding it!


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