Behind the Scenes with arleigh | December 2017 edition

Hi Cocoa Daisy people!

I actually don’t have a lot to tell you about December; it’s pretty self-explanatory. So instead I’m going to tell you about how we come up with the colors each month.

The conversation usually starts with some inspiration images. Here are a couple of the inspiration images that sparked December’s colors. These are screenshots from Pinterest.

Then I start playing with the week-on-one-page horizontal stripes. Christine has to absolutely love them before we can move forward. That group of colors becomes our primary color set.

Sometimes, the colors are really dark and I have to lighten the color for people to write on top of it. Another place you can see the month’s primary colors is the calendar on the first page all of the dori’s except the mini, which has the same horizontal stripes. I don’t lighten the dark colors on the dori calendar. So if they look a little different from the striped page, that’s why.

Sometimes when I start to put together the planner and dori booklets, I need more colors, so we’ve started saving a second tier of colors that support the main set.

So here is the primary December color palette:

And here is the secondary set:

And sometimes we just go crazy and add more colors. I’ve started calling this the expanded palette. You’ll see more of the expanded set in the dori. Even though some of these colors look identical, they’re not. One might be a little warmer, or brighter, than its twin.

So if you want to play detective, look for the primary color set on the week-on-one-page page, or dori calendar, then see if you can spot some of the other colors we added in for seasoning.

Did you find Simon this month?

In the planner, he’s at the bottom of the notes page, looking very ghostly.

And in the dori, he’s tucked into a flower.

He asked to be more visible in 2018. He might be overcoming his shyness a little bit. 🙂



  1. jones3535

    I loved reading about your design process. Very interesting. I just discovered Cocoa Daisy and can’t believe I didn’t find you before. I just subscribed a week ago and was able to order your January and February kits so I can start the new year right! My subscription will kick in starting in March. I’ve gone through so many planners and pages and none really fit. I’ve tried decorating- so time consuming! I’ve tried minimalist- so boring. I found your designs – so perfect! I especially love your February, April, May, July, and December kits! Reading this, I saw you’ve done a hidden Simon – oh, how fun!! Please keep at least one in each kit so we can have fun looking for him. So glad I found Cocoa Daisy- keep those gorgeous kits coming!!

  2. Simone Schermann

    I always love reading your posts!


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