Our August Guest Designer is a fan of Keifer, if you hadn’t guessed.


When Christine put together the Pen Pal kit, she thought it would be pretty fun to create a mini with, so she offered to fill in as our Guest Designer this month. I couldn’t say no. 🙂 I’m glad too because I really enjoyed getting to know her better through our questionnaire I send to all Guest Designers. I especially love #2 because of her Keifer comment and the title her life’s novel.

1. What is your most creative time?
I like to sit on my deck with a cup of coffee early in the morning when its quiet and work in my planner. But my most creative time is usually Sunday afternoon/evening when I can spend some time in my crafty area.

2. Share your current top 5 favorite songs/music groups with us.
“not enough whiskey” by Kiefer Sutherland (yes he can sing!)
Anything 80’s
Kings of Leon – love all of their songs
And for some reason when I’m curating upcoming kits I like to listen to Italian Opera (not sure how those two things go together but they do).

3. If you were in a Rock N’ Roll band, what would your job be?
The lead singer (that is if I could sing but I can’t carry a tune with a bucket). So maybe I’d be better suited to stylist for the band 🙂

4. Did you ever want to change your name? If so, to what?
No, I like Christine. In a way I guess I kind of did change my name; growing up everyone called me Chris and I hated it, so when I got older I made sure to always introduce myself or refer to myself as Christine.

5. If your life was a movie, what actress would play you?
Hmmmm…..I’ll defer to my Daddy who always says that I look like Julia Roberts.

6. What’s your favorite accessory?
Wrap bracelets, I have WAY too many but they are the perfect bracelet as they don’t bang into the keyboard when you are typing.

7. If your life were a novel, what would the title be?
5 point harness and notepad required.

8. What was your first job and how did you get it?
Hudsonville is the “Salad Bowl City” so obviously we have a lot of farming. My very first job, at age 12, was picking blueberries. We would get .25 cents a bucket! At 13 1/2 I got my first “real” job scooping ice cream, technically you weren’t supposed to be able to work at night until you were 14 but my cousin was married to the owner’s son and my brother worked for them in the restaurant attached to the ice cream shop so they bent the rules for me a bit.

9. What food would describe your style?
My friend Ronda once said my style was like a Bento Box and I think that fits it very well. My style is very structured and organized.

10. What is “dressed up” for you?
I’m not a big dress or skirt person but I love heels! So dressy jeans, heels, pretty top and lots of accessories!

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