Hello Daisies!

What is better than a sticky note pad? two sticky note pads! and that´s what we´ve received this month, two wonderful succulent sticky note pads that have gorgeous colors and lovely shapes and can even be put together to create a third one, this bonus was designed by arleigh and Christine, you can see a video of how to make it and here you have the pictures that illustrate it.

Today we´re focusing in these lovely goodies we´ve received with our kits, I´m showing you what I´ve used them for and what I´ve made with them, but there are a lot more ideas you and our DT came up with.

Let´s see the basics: using them to remark important dates or important stuff to do.

I also added one to a bog monthly planner I have hanging on my cork board.

A lay out on our planner pages just for fun, they add texture and movement. I used 4 sticky notes and a succulent die cut. The letters were made with faux calligraphy.

A clip: because I´ll never have enough planner clips. I used the pot sticky notes, they´re not even when placing them back to back and the solution is to fuzzy cut them! I just glued them together but it´d be even better to laminate it and then glue it to the clip, I chose a big golden clip, but any could be used.


Looking for new ideas for our planner goodies thinking “outside the box” is always fun, enjoy your sticky notes, use them anywhere! they´re really pretty and will make anything a lot nicer 😀

Have a great day Daisies!! Don´t miss CD planner fan page on facebook, you´ll find lots of ideas and inpiration there.

Have fun!!



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  1. Simone Schermann

    Thanks for sharing all of your sticky note ideas with us!


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