Hello lovely Dasies! You know you love to plan, we do too, but sometimes it´s hard to find inspiration on how to decorate your pages, no worries! We bring you today some planner hacks to have some fun on your planner while making it super cute and beautiful so that you want to get things done as soon as possible. Nothing like a wonderful personalized planner to make your life even nicer.

Let´s start:


Find the ones you like the most, make them holes to fit your planner and attach it to it, read them every time you need some support or just because it´s a nice sentence, you chose it for some reason, right?

If you don´t have any card you can DIY by cutting some scrapbook paper and writing a quote you like, or print some nice lettering onto a piece of cardstock and then decorate it, or choose one of CD printed cardstock to trim some of the wonderful phrases they have printed, I love the paper quality of these… there are infinite options. Making creative stuff keep our minds young and awake and it seems like magic how good it make us feel.

Decorating our planner with things we´ve made will make it personal and special.


Not only they´re super cute but they can also be very useful. Sometimes we need to change our schedule, sudden plans come to our life and we need to write them down to remember them but had something already written on our planner. No problem. Use a sticky note that fits in your space or trim it to make it fit, you will also be able to change it to other page of your planner without ripping your planner paper and they make it look so pretty…

They could be stuck in your personalized tab and have them always handy, keep reading to see how to make yours.

It´s all about advantages.

I´ve used the sticky notes included in May kit, they´re floral and so cute…


I like to go directly to the page I´m looking for during the day or when I´m going to decorate it, have you ever thought about that? I´m sure you have, but had you thought of making your own tab? It´s super easy!

Measure your pages and cut a cardstock with the length of your pages plus half an inch or 1 cm more, a patterned scrapbook paper or any paper you´d like to use could be perfect too, if the paper is too thin, you can glue a cardstock on the back with the same measurements or laminate it after you´ve finished decorating it.

Make sure you trim the top part the shape you want it to be, you could also use one of the tab stickers included in your Daisy Day Planner Kit and make it even more colorful.

You can also place some sticky flags and notes on it and have them always handy when you´re planning.

The last step is to hole punch your brand new tab and insert it in your planner. It is unique as you are!




Lately I´m loving to make pockets for my planners, they come in handy for storing stickers, clear stamps, inspirational cards… and the best part: So easy to make and such a nice result!

You can use any kind of paper to make your pockets but make sure it is thick, for better results.

Cut your paper twice as wide  and the same length, as one of your planner pages, fold it in half, open it and trim or fold a triangle as shown in the picture.

Glue the short side and the bottom part or seal it with some washi and hole punch it to fit your planner rings.

You´re done!

I´ve decorated mine with CD die cuts but could also be stamped o added some stickers…

What a nice self made place to store planner goodies!


Enjoy your planned life.


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