November planner set up. Includes video.

Hi Daisies! How is your day going? It´s not still november but I´m sure most of you have received the succulents planner kit! Can´t believe hoy pretty it is, in my opinion the designs and illustrations are just amazing and so many accessories to play with… simply awesome.

Today I´m bringing you the set up for november, I made a bit longer than usual video, I had to share many tips and a secret with you, it´s not that special, but I hadn´t shown it until now. You´ll find my basic set up and how I made two special supplies for this month (that will probably keep in my planner because they´re too pretty :D)

I hope you like this video, grab a cup of your favorite drink and enjoy!

Thank you so much for your time, please, share  your creations with us, we love seing how creative you are.

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  1. Mari

    Comment can you show for standard midori size?

    • Nazareth Moreno Munoz-Torrero

      Yes, I´ll make a video showing a set up for standard midori.

  2. Kathi

    Really enjoyed your tips!
    Please keep showing more decorating tips with all your planners 🌸 thank you

    • Nazareth Moreno Munoz-Torrero

      Thank you Kathi, I will keep showing tips, stay tuned 😀

  3. Simone Schermann

    I really enjoyed your video! Thank you so much!


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