Let’s Set up Your Weekly!

Well hello planner friends!  It’s great to be able to sit and chat with you for a bit!  I’m always so inspired by each of you on the Planner Fans group!  WOW.. you guys are so talented!!  It’s our hope here at Cocoa Daisy that you’ll be inspired to add even more to your own personal planner style!  Thanks for joining me today! As mentioned in my previous blog post, this month I wanted to share with you “how” I go about setting up my personal weekly!  I hope you enjoy it!  I certainly love how it works for me each month!

You can visit my previous blog post here https://www.cocoadaisy.com/blog/everyday/222481/how-do-you-set-up-your-planner/

So before we get started, here’s a quick look at my weekly set up before adding any embellishments!  Cocoa Daisy is beautiful enough all-on-it’s-own, wouldn’t you agree?!

After arranging my pages,the next step is gathering my favorite Inks, Markers, Washi and Stamps! Then I get-to-it lol! I stamp, stick and paste…number the pages, add the headers and Color!  I find doing the same thing each month with my set-up makes things run so much more fluid..and you know me… lol!  I like having a plan!!

Below you can see I use the main weekly as a log for the top three things  I need to accomplish each week.

I use the small personal size Week-at-a-glance as a log for upcoming weekly Events! See the tabs on the side? I use those to mark FUN events!!  We do “need” to have fun things to look forward to each week (hugs) Yup! Do you like to plan a fun activity for yourself each week too?

The Back side of the personal Week-at-a-glance is used as my “Praying For” Log.  While on the right side of the planner you can see my large A-5 Week-at-a-Glance insert being used as my gratitude, blessings and happy Memory log!

The Back side of the A-5 Week-at-a-glance is used as my Photo Diary for the week!  I write up my top 4 memories of the week along with photos! I love printing the photos up in black and white, so they never contrast with the beautiful Cocoa Daisy colors!!  I think the B&W just makes it all POP!  What do you think?

I’ve got to tell you, I absolutely LOVE looking back through my weeklies and personal planner each month!  Between my Pray log, Gratitude & Blessings page,Photo Diary page, my Monthly, Currently and Bucket list pages, I’m reminded gently, on a regular basis, of the precious GIFT’s I’m given each day…. Life, Love, Friendship and Fun serendipitous Moments!   It’s my Story on Paper!  What does yours say?

When you have a minute, take a look over the past few months in your own planner and make a personal discovery.  Look at what you have recorded in your weeklies and decide how you want to write your own personal story to look back on!

When you know ahead of time how “you” like to set up your weeklies each month..it makes the set up process even more fun and enjoyable!…and that is what Cocoa Daisy is all about!

Have an incredible day my friends, and be sure to come pay me a visit on Instagram and Pinterest



Until we meet again Hugs, Blessings and Cocoa Daisy kisses!

Your Friend, Laura !                     ps.. drop me a message!  Love hearing from you!



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  1. Kelley Coates-Carter

    This is lovely Laura. I love the way you have used the week at a glance in both sizes for prayers and gratitude.

    • Laura Daniels

      Hi Kelley! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello! I love the different sizes and how they look together!

  2. Deborah Dobbins

    Commenting I loved this blog post SO much! I love your many creative ideas! So inspiring – thank you 😊

    • Laura Daniels

      Hi Deborah! What a lovely thing to say! Thanks for taking the time to comment! I had such fun writing the blog post and creating my weekly for you to see!

  3. Simone Schermann

    Laura, I love your post! Thank you for all those meaningful deep thoughts, this is more than just pretty paper and decoration on a page!

    • Laura Daniels

      What a lovely thing to say Simone! Thank you for taking the time to leave a note and say hello! I really enjoy writing the blogs and putting thoughts on paper. Makes my heart smile to know it’s noticed!


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