Halloween Inspiration with the October Cocoa Daisy Kits


October Greetings to all you lovely Daisies!

We hope you are enjoying these glimpses of our October Kit, Memento.  I am finding that the warm fall hues set against an expanse of clear blue skies and shot through with golden sunlight is very appealing this time of year.  Christine got it just right again this month, didn’t she?

Today we’re bringing you a couple ideas for getting your Halloween photos scrapbooked.  Now I have to say that I really enjoyed scrapbooking without themed product and my fellow design team member, Lisa, does too.  I love the way she used texture, pattern, and color to spotlight the gorgeous Halloween wreath at Disney.  It is really a fabulous design that I need to pin and use for inspiration some day (maybe even with my November Kits!)


I really got a kick thinking about what Trick or Treating means exactly.  Halloween themed product was definitely not needed here.  The tiny candy colored triangles on the transparency reminded me of my son’s piles of loot from last Halloween.  I searched through the golden words to find the perfect title; I really liked the way “Happy” played on “Happy Halloween” and “Adventure” alluded to his first walk around the block with his guy pals instead of his mama.  The houses were way too cute as they symbolized going from door to door on Halloween night.  The fox reminded me of a bandit which was perfect as my son dressed up as a robber last year.  And finally, I did throw in a few October details like the date stickers from the planner kit and the super sweet pumpkin stamp.


I also went ahead and threw together this accompanying pocket page spread.  This one came together SO quickly!  I used four cards from the DITL kit (two are the cut out leaf and tea cup) and added another golden word to help it tie in with the layout.  I was especially delighted to use the “hello pumpkin” card as I’ve always called me son my “pumpkin baby” since he was born in October.  One trick I’m especially going to use again is that “hello fall” card on the right.  Instead of making notes on all my photos, I simply wrote the details on that one card, labeling each with its location in the spread similar to how photos are identified in high school yearbooks.  I like it!


I hope this has given you some ideas for Halloween scrapbooking.  We’d love to see your projects!


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