Revisit some Old Kits: FUN TIME

Hi Daisies, how is everyone going? I just had a three-day trip to Batam Island, and had lots of fun there.
It’s always nice to make memories and capture them in scrapbooks.
However, I still have so many half-done projects left, and I guess it’s time to get them done and to play with some old items.
Today I’m going to share what I did with this half-done layout featuring January scrapbooking kit, Buttercup.

Is anyone like me, who get bored looking at the same stuff?
However, I really cherish these well designed papers, sticker, and all other items from Cocoa Daisy.
(I can’t believe that I have been in this creative group for a year already!)
Looking back at one of my half-done layouts for my niece, I had already had the nice die-cuts with the photos.
I layered the die-cuts and the photos as if my niece were playing with the feathers.

While looking at this layout and all the items I have, I suddenly had some new ideas.
I added these nice chipboard letter stickers with my handwriting as the title for the page.
I really love how it works with my niece’s pants’ color.
I know it’s funny to say so, but sometimes you just have to wait for the inspiration.
It could be a long wait, but definitely worth it!

If you also have some half-done projects, let’s get it done together.
Or if you have some old items you never used, it might be great to play with before buying some new stuff. LOL!!
Come join us and share your creativities here:

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