Tips and Tricks for adding Tabs, Pics and Tip-ins with Margie

Hi there, it’s Margie here today 🙂 Quite a few people have been asking what I use to securely keep my tabs and tip-ins inside my planners, so I’m here to share a few quick tips on how to add them to your dashboards, dori’s and planner pages…

All you will need is a glue pen and an adhesive runner – ‘permanent’ adhesive tends to work the best! You will also need some washi tape (and you can use a stapler too, however, I misplaced mine and couldn’t use that as an example today, lol!)

As you can see in the video above and pictures below – when adding in a tip-in, it’s best to secure it with washi tape on both sides to create a flap. In order to be sure that the washi tape remains in place, I placed the washi tape over my pages punched holes. This not only secures your tip-in, but it will also strengthen the holes and keep your planner page in place too.

The unknown trick that you don’t see here and that I couldn’t quite capture on video or camera is – using my glue pen!

I try to estimate where I’m going to add my tip-in and before I started putting it in with washi tape, I put a line of glue on first. This will give your washi tape and tip-in the extra security you need for it to stick in there permanently. If you are someone who likes to move things around, then this option should definitely not be used. But, if you are like me, who likes to add in journaling and memories in between her planner pages and then saves everything to look back on – this will definitely help in securing those memories in for a long time.

Next up, adding in tabs…

I use the same method when adding in my tabs!

First, I bend my tabs in half to break in the perforation. Next, I use my glue pen on the tab itself – I completely cover the backside with glue. I then add the adhesive onto the planner page or dashboard. Lastly, add on the tab and hold it down for a minute or two to be sure everything dries and sets together.

I love to add LOTS of tip-ins and pictures to my dori’s…

… some journaling too 😉

I always print out my pictures in doubles or triples to make sure I have enough to not only save one for our family picture albums and to share with family friends, but to also be able to journal about them in my dori’s…

I like to make sure that my pictures won’t fall out and be misplaced. So I add the permanent adhesive around the edges of the back of my pictures and then use the glue pen to fill in the complete backside – that picture is not peeling off and falling out anytime soon!

I add in my tip-ins into my dori’s the same way that I do in my ring-planners…

A bit of glue with my washi tape!

Another trick: everytime I add anything into my dori’s with glue and/or adhesive, I always use some sort of clip to close it up and put a heavy item/book over it to flatten it out and let it dry and set overnight!

Everything is quite quick and simple!

I hope this has been helpful to you today 🙂 Thank you!!!


  1. Laura Daniels

    Great tips Margie!

    • Margie Cortina

      Thank you so much, Laura!

  2. Simone Schermann

    Margie, this blogpost is amazing! And will help all those who are new to Cocoa Daisy and planners not feel lost with all the terms! Thank you!

    • Margie Cortina

      Thank you so much 🙂


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