Use it or lose it?

Hello there!
First of all I want to thank everyone who participated in the Saturday Seminars in August in the Cocoa Daisy planner fans group where we talked about refocusing our planning. I have taken so much inspiration and have implemented so many of your ideas already. For September I thought we could do something similar! Because friends and fellow daisy fans. Now that I’ve got my how’s and why’s down I really need to dig into the more time consuming part. Yes it’s time to get that crafty space and stash in order!

Keep an eye out on the Cocoa Daisy planner fans group on Facebook, this month I won’t necessarily post on Saturdays! There will also be a post on my Instagram, kaffekananna, when the post is up in the group. If you currently are not part of the group do join us, to get accepted quickly into the group please answer the two questions you get upon requesting to join.


Yes, the craftermath is real. Something needs to get done! This first week I thought we could share our craftermaths, or are you one of the awesome people who never has one? Which ever case I would love to hear from you!


The second week I thought we could share our organizational inspiration, what do you aim for? I am a firm believer that having dreams and goals are crucial to getting where we want to. We could have all the plans we want be without the wee bit of magic that dreaming adds there is little to no motivation to actually get the plans done.



The following week I would love to hear more about your  tips and tricks for storage! Personally I like to have a couple of things on display, in this corner for example I keep my December Daily that still needs finishing up, having it visible works as a little reminder. And the wire storage from Crate Paper is just too cute. Anyone else like organizing their supplies in little rainbows?



And lastly, and perhaps most time consuming. The purging. How do you decide what stays and what goes? There are just so many washi tapes a planner girl can use. And papers. And cute little things.

Hope you want to join me on this little September adventure. I’m picturing a nice and tidy workspace that invites me to do my favorite hobby each and every day.

Take care!

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  1. Laura Daniels

    Great post Anna! Looking forward to being inspired by everyone!


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