Color Coding your planner with stamps


I have always color coded in my planner. It just came natural to assign the people in my life a color! Maybe it’s because my brain is very visual and seeing things stand out helps me to not forget them. It works for me and if you like color coding you will love this idea! I literally squealed when I got my August Cocoa Daisy kit and saw the cute birdie stamps. I knew I wanted to use them all over my planner. I came up with the idea to assign each of my family members a cute birdie stamp in their color. The result is a parade of colorful birdies all over my pages and it makes me ridiculously happy!




My sweet little girl is this adorable pink bird. It seemed to fit her perfectly! I love how I can quickly glance at my week and see her activities clearly.


I even decided to use her birdie on this project life card since this To-Do list is all things for her!


 My son is this cute little “Nerdy Birdie” in green! He’s in 2nd grade so I imagine a lot of school activities will get written down and this bird screams back to school.


Lastly my sweet husband is this tall busy looking birdie in his favorite color, blue! If you have this stamp set give it a try! It’s a lot of fun. And if you don’t have this set find another set with stamps that represent your family! Upload your color coding in the gallery so I can see! Happy planning! Lots of Love, Tricia!

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