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Hello Friends! I wanted to share with you how my planning pages are looking these days in my Marion Smith Heart of Gold Planner. This month of August is extremely busy for me but I wanted to show you how simple it is to just decorate your week on two pages with your paper crafting scraps/ stash.


What you’ll need:

Stickers or any Ephemera

Paper Clips

Washi Tape

Page Flags

Any Journal Cards


Your Favorite Pen

I absolutely love variety, which is the same when I scrapbook so you’ll see that style reflect in my decorated pages. I start with decorating the page first, then move on to writing in my plans.


What’s great with buying the actual kit that comes with our planners, and the add-on you will get many of the items that I listed above, and more! They also will coordinate with the planner pages for the month. So those cute bow paper clips that I get tons of questions about, they came in the planner kit. You will not want to miss out on those months. Trust me, Christine jam packs these with so much fun stuff!


I made this dashboard using stickers and a gift bag from Target. I simply placed the letters above the dashboard and laminated it. And boom! There’s an easy personalized dashboard with your name on it. And if you were also wondering what my favorite pen to write with, it’s the sharpie clickster.


I hope you enjoyed my short tutorial on ideas on what you can use for your weekly spreads. I would love to see your creations. Use the hash tags #cocoadaisy and #daisydayplanner so our team can see! Until next time.


Florence Antonette

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