Dissecting Design: Go Monochromatic


If you’re having trouble getting started with a layout, try limiting your options.  You heard that right!  Limit your options and you will expand your creativity!  One trick I like to play with sometimes is creating a monochromatic layout.  A monochromatic layout is one where you choose one color and pull all your products from that one color family.  For this layout I went with blue as it is the perfect color for a beach layout.  Since my choices were then limited to that one color, I was able to grab product to use much more quickly.  It also forced me to be creative in that I used the (free to subscribers) digital cut files to create the whimsical whales swimming in the ocean.  Don’t you love the way focusing on that one color really let me play with pattern and texture without overpowering my design?


Now once I had the majority of my design in place, I did stray from my blue color scheme slightly.  I added the pink “us” banner and blue puffy sticker with tiny red heart to form a visual triangle with my cutie niece in her hot pink swim suit.  I then added the sandy tan polka dot paper and “happy memories” title to compliment my son’s gorgeous tan.


I am very happy with how this layout turned out, and it was so easy and fun to create!  Have you tried a monochromatic layout lately?  We’d love to see it!

Doris  😀

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