Create a window dashboard for your planner with Kylie.Video included.

Hi there lovelies! Hope you are all really well.Today I have a fun and easy tutorial for you, to create a window dashboard for your planner.But first, can we all take a moment to drool over the gorgeousness that is the August planner goodies? The graphics and colours are just BEAUTIFUL…..Again.

A window dashboard is a little bit similar to a shaker dashboard.Here is a look at my completed design so you can see what I mean-

It features a clear window and I have added a small amount of sequins as well.I have adhered two dashboards together with the sequins in the middle with a small quote featured on the bottom dashboard.By not overfilling the window with sequins helps to keep your dashboard quite flat and not too bulky.

I’ve also prepared a video tutorial for you all so you can enjoy making one for yourselves!


I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial today.Until next time,



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  1. Simone Schermann

    Thank you, Kylie – this is such a great dashboard. Now I’m thinking about how I could incorporate this into the Daisy Dori … maybe the cover … hm …

    • Kylie Kingham

      I think it would be awesome on a Dori. You could use a dashboard behind the window or even a photo! xx


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