Create a masterpiece with scraps! ~ Video included with Kylie.

Hello Daisy friends.I’m here to share another way to create a masterpiece with your scraps.I sometimes feel we get to the last ‘bits’ of our kits and tend to overthink the possibilities of creating something with them. I like to ‘keep it simple’ and when you do you will be creating masterpieces with very little supplies.

Today I will share a layout I completed using just the minimal amount of paper scraps.To complete this project, apart from having your scrapping tools the main item you will need is either some punches or dies in your favourite shape.I chose to use hearts this time.Here is a look at how my layout came together:

I have created a line of cascading hearts on a white background.By layering the hearts with different patterns adds detailed features to the layout.I have also run some machine stitching several times through the hearts, paying particular attention to not having my stitching too neat or straight.I just like the effect of doing this.

This image shows the stitching effect perfectly.By using lots of different patterned patter for my hearts adds a great colour blend.

I have also prepared a short video for you all to watch which shows the process of this layout coming together.

Thanks for checking out my post today.I hope you have some fun creating with your own kit scraps too.

Until next time,


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