Updated Planner Freebies

Have you wished you could use our spectacular FREE month-on-two-pages printables without having to stamp the months and numbers? I admit, when I finally caved and got a planner and started preparing for the arrival of my first set of CD inserts I groaned at the prospect of stamping the monthly printables. It went quickly, but still… So I asked Christine if we could get TWO sets each month, with and without numbers. That way if you like to stamp yours all fancy-like, you can, but if you’re lazy (like me) you can download the set that already has numbers. arleigh whipped these up for us starting with the April set, so if you want your month-on-two-pages for April or May, with or without numbers, rush right over to the store and download them. I’m already using them and I’m in love!



  1. Tracy Stern on Facebook

    I love these! Especially because they then match the rest of my pages each month (well unless my ink colours are low then it isn’t so nice looking.)

  2. Carolyn R Jones on Facebook

    That is so cool! I already did my May, but it’s nice to know from June on, I don’t have to if I don’t want to


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