August like it’s hot Plan with me!!

Hello again my sweet Daisy friends!!

It’s time for another round of planner set-up!! I am so happy to be showing this August planner set-up! I feel that my style is always changing and my set-up ever evolving! Can you relate? Please tell me I’m not alone!!

For this glorious month of August I chose the Simple Stories Carpe Diem Planner in “Marigold.”  I can’t tell you how much I love the way the planner kit and add on go with this planner!! Its definitely a match made in field of sunflowers!

I love to start out with everything laid out in front of me so I can see all the things!! I like to have the free printables ready to go as well.

Then I make the dashboards! It’s easy to use the dashboards that CD has to coordinate with the kits, and by taking the exclusive papers from CD I simply glue them to the back, punch the holes and wah-lah! A beautiful dashboard!! I will also add a tab to the side of the dashboard I did not punch to complete!

canvas backdrops for photography

I love making the pockets of my planner POP!! So, I always fill them as full as I can! I add tons of paperclips, washi cards, journaling cards, sticky notes, and the exclusive CD die-cuts!! In the big pockets I keep my stickers and leftover papers that I didn’t use for dashboards for travel and easy access.

I used the transparency that was available this month at the very front of my planner.

I enjoy decorating the month-at-a-glance (MAG)!!  I use washi to show vacations and trips (there were none planned at the time of photographing). I keep my important dates here as well, such as birthdays and anniversaries. I use the front for a list of scripture writing and I put the CD challenge printable as a tip-in (also not available at time of photography). On the back of the MAG there is the year at a glance. I use it for a bucket list!!

My favorite part of my planner is my Daily pages!! I may not use them everyday, but they for sure the get the most use!! I add everything all on Monday that I need to accomplish for the week. If I do not get a task complete I just add it to the top of the next day!! Of course there are tasks that get added daily as well when need be! Some days I do a ton of decorating and some days I don’t do any! And thankfully CD pages don’t even need extra decorations! They are beautiful without! I divide up my dailies by weeks using the week at a glance (WAG) page. This is a new addition to my planner. Laura Daniels is where I saw this little tip! I use the WAG for my social media planning. I washi tape the WAG onto the seventh day as a tip in. At the beginning of the week all the pages (for the week at hand only) are tucked neatly inside the WAG and everyday I untuck the needed page! Thanks Laura!! I also use the book mark from the free printables to keep my place. On the back of the bookmark is where I keep a daily log/monthly time line of what we did everyday in the month! It really helps with memory keeping.

(Just FYI i will probably use these little ants from the DITL kit on every single page!)

Lastly I put in the week on two pages. I use these for memory keeping! I add pockets, pictures, receipts, recipes, business cards and all kinds of memorabilia here!

Thank you all for stopping by to see  how the August kits were used in this set-up!!

If you have a minute can you answer a question in the comments below?? If so, I want to know what you look for in a blog post! More words… More pictures… or a happy mix of both? I would love to hear from you all and get your input! After all these blogs are for you!!

Thank you again!

XOXO, Kami


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  1. Amy Cleaver

    Coi love this combo of photos and descriptions! It’s so helpful!

    • Kami Higgins

      I appreciate the feed back sweet friend!!

  2. Kelley Coates-Carter

    Absolutely beautiful and functional! Thank you for sharing.

    • Kami Higgins

      I am so happy you could stop in for a peek!! Have a blessed day!

  3. Simone Schermann

    I loved reading your explanations and especially the different steps you take when setting up your month! I love pretty pictures in blogposts and I am very often inspired by them but I wouldn’t have been able to get the info you shared in writing from the photos alone. Thanks for taking the time, I definitely enjoyed reading!

    • Kami Higgins

      I am so glad you enjoyed!! Thank you for your response!! Sometimes ya just don’t know! XOXO

  4. wagnerjanette

    Hi! I’m brand new to CD and I love seeing your set-up. It is inspiring as start with my first CD kit. Definitely keep both the photos and lots of description. As a newbie, I would love links to tutorials or videos that show how to create some of the items you mentioned like “tip-in” and Laura Daniels idea. I would also love to see more “after” blogs of pages after the month is over.

    • Simone Schermann

      Hi Janet, thank you for your comment! We are trying to incorporate your suggestions in future blogposts, thank you for pointing them out!

    • Kami Higgins

      Janet, thank you for your response! I love hearing from you! Thank you for suggestions!! I appreciate you!! Enjoy your kits!! XOXO


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